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10 Reasons to Hire A Professional Bathroom Fitter

Lee Anderson

by W Malik

2022-11-04 06:11 AM

The bathroom plays an integral role in the home. It’s the most used room in a home and where you start and finish your day. When remodelling your bathroom, you could go the DIY route. Buy some materials and get it done slowly when you have spare time. 

We believe that bathroom fitter specialists should be tasked with redesigning your bathroom. This post will let you in on the ten reasons to hire a professional bathroom fitter.

You Get Help with the Design

luxurious bathroom design

Having a professional bathroom fitter at your disposal means getting professional help with how you want your bathroom to look and feel. You’ll get design help depending on your budget, bathroom size, and functions from Easefix bathroom fitters, who have worked on many bathroom refurbs.

It Saves Time

You’ll notice that bathroom renovation could take weeks, especially if you choose to DIY the process. However, with a professional bathroom installer, your bathroom installation project could be completed in half the time. This is because a professional works with a team.

It’s Safer

Like most plumbing projects, getting a fitted bathroom has safety risks. Moreover, you will be dealing with wet surfaces, electrical works, portable electrical equipment, etc. Professionals work around these things hence it’s not a hazardous procedure as it would be for an amateur.

You Get the Best Pricing

Professionals can work with your budget when fitting your bathroom. As such, you will get accurate estimates. In addition, professionals know where to get materials at competitive prices, thus saving you money while installing a bathroom that looks great on your budget.

You’ll Avoid Misquotes

Apart from getting the best pricing, bathroom fitting has complications that result in extra costs not foreseen. A professional will not charge you extra money where it’s not deserved. They will factor in unforeseen circumstances before adjusting your quote. Often, the additional costs are warranted, and you’ll find the reasons satisfactory, unlike what you’d experience with a dishonest tradesperson.

Guaranteed Job Satisfaction

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It’s not uncommon to find yourself doubting the outcome of a bathroom fitted by a general builder or plumber. This is because they are not experts in bathroom fitting. But with an experienced trader, you’re looking at satisfactory results thanks to their experience in bathroom design that fits your household’s needs and one in harmony with your home.

You’ll Avoid Complications

Many people who fit their bathrooms encounter problems with the plumbing, electrical, and tile work. Professionals attend to fine details such as tile design patterns, heating, and fittings. Moreover, they can deal with problems such as cracked tiles or wiring going wrong. For this reason, it’s best to let a seasoned bathroom fitter perform the job to avoid potential problems.

Professionals Are Experts on the Job

Hiring pros comes with the convenience of having people who know what they are doing. It’s extremely tough to install a new bath or shower with plumbing from scratch. You wouldn’t know how to build your shower pan or ensure solid waterproofing. Thus, leave it to the pros to handle the nitty-gritty of bathroom installation.

Reduced Damage and Extra Costs

If you fit your bathroom, you’re likely to encounter damaged materials since you’re not experienced in handling the materials. You may also run into unnecessary costs that can exceed the estimated budget. On the contrary, a qualified bathroom installer will minimise extra costs that could occur due to damaged materials.

Professional Fit and Finish

applying tiles in kitchen

You can tell a professional’s touch from an ordinary trader. This is because you’ll get your bathroom pieces installed correctly. Furthermore, the fit and finish is beautiful since everything ties together. From the lighting to the fittings, finishes, and compatibility, an expert will ensure the finish is up to par with your desires.

Wrapping Up

While you can outfit your bathroom, going the professional way will save you money and time and guarantee satisfactory results. Qualified and approved bathroom fitters have different skill sets to complete the job with less hassle. Let Easefix bathroom installers do the job for you, and you’ll end up saving money today!