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5 Benefits Of Rekeying Locks For Home And Business

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by George Knight

2022-11-30 11:26 AM

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding whether or not rekeying locks is the best course of action for maintaining the security of your property. 

This blog discusses the pros and cons of rekeying so that you can make an informed decision. After reading our article, you'll know if rekeying locks is the right choice for your home's security requirements.

What Does It Mean “Rekeying Locks”?

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Using a key system for the first time can be daunting. When a lock is rekeyed, the existing key is replaced with a new one. If you already have a lock, you can keep it and change the key. The pins inside the lock must be removed and replaced. Because each key corresponds to certain pins, the old key will no longer work in the lock once the pins have been swapped.

Here are five key benefits to rekeying locks at your home or business:

There are several scenarios in which you'd want to rekey your lock. Any damage to a lock will render the key useless. We've listed some of the advantages of rekeying below.

1. Appropriate Response for Numerous Scenarios

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Rekeying locks is the best option for a wide variety of difficulties. In situations where you've misplaced or broken keys, or to enhance your home safety, changing locks becomes inevitable. In all of these cases, rekeying is a cheap and convenient solution. It is especially a real cost-saver when opening multiple locks with the same key.

2. A Fast Solution to A Security Issue

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It's inconvenient to lose or steal a key, particularly if you don't know who else may have a duplicate. It's not simply an annoyance if you lose your key; it could compromise the safety of your house or business. A person can enter the building at any time if they have a copy of the key. Rekeying locks thus saves your day.

Rekeying a lock is a simple, fast, and effective way to restore security to a home or business after an intrusion.

3. Doesn't Necessitate Any Additional Hardware

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If you already have locks you like, you can save money by rekeying them instead of replacing them. You can't beat the simplicity and ease of rekeying locks. Also, since it doesn't involve purchasing brand-new hardware, rekeying is a green choice. There is less material consumption and waste in the improvement of home safety.

4. It Saves Money

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Rekeying is also less expensive compared to replacing all of your locks. Working with modern gear is not only more time-consuming but also costlier. By rekeying locks, you can modernize your security without incurring the high expenditures associated with purchasing brand-new equipment.

5. Capability to Often Change Locks

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Businesses and landlords often find that rekeying is the most convenient solution. It allows you to switch between different keys by re-pinning your existing locks.

When is it Optimal to Rekey Your Locks?

Lock rekeying is the optimal solution in a wide variety of situations, e.g.

1. When you need a new key but don't want to buy a new lock, some examples include:

  • You don't want someone else to get access to your new home's key when you have moved.
  • You're worried about someone breaking into your home because you dropped a key.
  • If someone has a key to your house, you want to keep them out.

2. If you have many keys and find it difficult to keep track of them, you may wish to have a master key that operates all your locks. (This will only work if all of your locks are the same make and model or have identical keyholes.)

In What Situations Must You Consider Changing Locks?

Changing locks is preferable to rekeying when it is more secure. This is true if:

  • You dislike your existing lock system due to its style and want replacement locks.
  • You are upgrading to electronic locks or other high-security locks to increase the safety of your property
  • If your locks cannot be rekeyed to a single key, you may consider replacing them with identical ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Why might you need to rekey a lock?

It is only to get rid of an old key when you need to rekey your lock. Rather, you want the same key to work on more than one lock. Having different keys for various locks in your home can be a hassle. You would prefer to rekey locks and want them all to match the same key.

 2. What are the advantages of a skilled locksmith?

Locksmiths can rapidly unlock your car, home, or office to keep you on schedule. Emergency locksmiths are quick to respond. They can change locks, enter a safe in minutes, and make new keys for homes, offices, and cars.

3. How often must a home be rekeyed?

Homeowners and business owners should rekey their locks at separate times. In residences, it's recommended to update the locks every three years.

4. Is it simple to rekey a lock?

A professional locksmith can typically rekey a lock in under 30 minutes because it is a straightforward process. A rekey kit and the old key are all you need to change the combination on a lock. This is a huge money saver when you need to get into numerous locks using the same key.