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5 Benefits of Smart Locks for Your Home and Office

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by George Knight

2022-11-30 02:33 PM

Finding the correct lock for your home is more crucial than ever in this day and age when personal safety is essential more than ever. The good news is that locks have got smarter. 

The arrival of smart locks has brought a plethora of advantages that may be used by homeowners and business owners alike.

The development of new and improved security locks for ourselves, our property, and our resources directly result from technological progress. Smart locks improve the security of conventional locking mechanisms while allowing for a greater degree of personalization.

This article provides information on the best smart locks and explains why they are a good investment for any property. It also explains the many levels of safety provided by these devices.

1. Smart Locks are Compatible with Smartphones

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Smartphone-compatible smart locks are a godsend for people who have been yearning to find door locks and handle security mechanism that is easy, remote, and reliable.

We can all relate to how frustrating it is when your keys are just out of reach. Maybe you're holding a toddler who won't stop wailing or a bag of groceries. Dropped, missing, or lost keys are common.

Smart locks eliminate the need for a traditional lock and key by letting you gain access to your home simply by pairing your Bluetooth device with your deadbolt. Bluetooth on a smartphone isn't the only way to activate a smart lock; nonetheless, it's the most convenient. 

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2. Sending Electronic Keys

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A cousin unexpectedly dropped by, or perhaps you're at the office while someone at home needs your help. Is a supplier coming to your company today? You can give someone entry to your building at the push of a button by giving them an electronic key.

Possible uses for an electronic key include the following:

  • Making your home available to vacationers by renting it out for their stay
  • A courier may bring packages inside your home to a designated spot.
  • Providing a home viewing for prospective buyers.
  • Indulging a friend's need for leisure as they wait for you to return home

These electronic keys can be removed if necessary. Envision the ability to delete keys or make their clones at no expense. There are several benefits to using a smart lock, but this one may be the finest.

3. Recognition of Physical Presence

smart door recognition

There are several accounts of people being locked out of their homes deliberately or because a misbehaving child did not realize that they could not reenter the house after switching the lock.

In response to your presence, smart locks might change their behavior. Getting locked in or out of a building no longer pose a threat. Some of the best smart locks may be set to open for certain people based on their biometric data, and some models are even compatible with home automation systems that can change the lighting and temperature based on who is home.

4. Remote Monitoring

remote monitoring

It's possible to pick a lock in a variety of methods. In the past, when a problem arose, the answer was to release a new lock that would soon be compromised and picked by criminals. A smart lock is a modern convenience. This keyless entry system makes it impossible for burglars to unlock the door.

Your smart lock can be monitored from afar and integrated into an existing home or business security system for further peace of mind. This way, you can get notifications whenever something fishy happens.

5. Accessibility for the Elderly and the Disabled

elderly door access

Common locks might be difficult to open for a wide range of people.

Several instances of this are:

  • Parkinson's Disease patients in their senescence
  • Anyone affected by cerebral palsy
  • A carpal tunnel wrist brace is recommended for anyone who has experienced wrist pain due to the condition.
  • A person with fibromyalgia who is having a bad day

Also, the ones who have difficulty using standard lock and key systems would appreciate the convenience of a smart lock. It is also helpful for people with arthritis or other conditions that make it difficult to hold a key steady.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some key advantages of smart locks?

Smart locks can send notifications to track who is coming and going. You also get notified whenever the door is opened or closed, and some systems even let you assign unique passcodes to each individual. If you have a smart doorbell camera, you can connect it to your lock and use it to see who's at your door before you unlock it.

2. What is a smart key for a house used for?

It's a substitute for using a standard metal key to lock and unlock your door. There are several kinds of smart locks, but they all use electronic means to unlock and lock a door, typically with a combination of a numeric code and a touchscreen, sometimes in conjunction with a mobile app.

3. How reliable are smart locks from a security point of view?

Smart locks are convenient since they can be locked remotely or from another location, but they are just as insecure as conventional locks if you forget to lock them. Most smart locks are as secure as conventional ones because they use a conventional deadbolt.

4. What different types of smart locks are there?

There are two primary categories of smart locks: adapted smart door locks, which use your current lock and only add smart technology, and native smart door locks, which require a new lock to be fitted with smart capabilities.