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5 Modern Bathroom Tile Design Ideas – Easefix

Lee Anderson

by W Malik

2022-10-22 11:00 AM

Choosing bathroom tiles can be a fun and creative process. Modern bathroom tile ideas are endless. But with a space as small as a bathroom, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Easefix can help you make an impact by helping you choose on-trend bathroom tile designs. When choosing modern bathroom tiles, you need to pay attention to shape, colour, and size.

These bathroom tile ideas are cool and take inspiration from designers who are breaking the modern default to create bathrooms with a wow factor.

5 Modern Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Classy and Timeless Marble

Classy and Timeless Marble

Marble is timeless and never goes out of trend. Cover the walls and floor with stunning marble effect tiles and extend to the bench to change the feel of the space. Married with large mirrors and matte black sanitary ware, you can be sure of a dramatic effect. 

While white marble bathroom tiles need lots of maintenance, you can now find natural materials that have the look and feel of marble that require less maintenance.

Throw in Some Shapes

Throw in Some Shapes

Hexagon tiles are trendy right now. We are so over square tiles that any Easefix bathroom fitter will tell you it’s time to add personality to your bathroom by bringing in the hexagon patterned bathroom tiles. You don’t have to cover every inch with hexagon tiles. You can first use hardwood and then create a transition into an open space. 

Work the Monochrome Magic

A modern monochrome look is one of the most loved bathroom tiles design ideas. Monochrome bathrooms can take shape with tiles of any size, colour, and pattern. All you need to do is choose one colour and apply it in different shades to create a refined effect that’s surprisingly bold and eye-catching. Pull off this look with citrus, pink, black, white, or grey. You can even add wood effect bathroom tiles with a monochrome touch.

Mixing and matching can go well with white tiles and black grout for a minimalist look. Similarly, you could achieve the same look with a black and white chequered floor and black tiled wall or even with self-adhesive bathroom floor tiles. 

Keep Things Interesting

Keep Things Interesting

Combine hardwood and hexagonal marble tiles in an open-concept bathroom. The marble protects the hardwood floor while keeping things interesting. Tiles for Shower floor can also be a great start for an interesting change to your bathroom. The freestanding bathtub pairs with a brass gooseneck tub filler and is placed in a floor-to-ceiling window. While it might seem complicated, Easefix contractors will discuss the design, which is surprisingly straightforward.

Go with the Sophistication of Chevron

Modern Bathroom Ideas

Chevron patterns are lavish and timeless. Cut to shape and slotting together at an angle, chevron tiles are unconventional, and that’s why you’ll love them. The navy tiles in this bathroom incorporate an eye-catching scheme in this bathroom. The gold hardware and marble sink add a focal point that adds intrigue and individuality to the bathroom. You can bring these bathroom tile ideas to life by consulting with Easefix bathroom fitters.


These bathroom tile design ideas are on-trend, and you can bring them to life in your home. So, if you’re planning on renovating your bathroom, you can include these ideas in your bathroom designs for inspiration. With Easefix bathroom fitters, we’ll walk you through your space and the bathroom tile ideas that will look good in your space.