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5 Realistic Bathroom Designs To Elevate Your Space


by Ava

2022-12-17 01:20 PM

Modifying bathroom designs is a simple way to make the most of limited space. Bathroom designers have suggested that even small bathrooms can appear airier by modifying the layout and using different bathroom fixtures. 

The standards of the modern home are high, and the designs of today's bathrooms must live up to them. The success of any contemporary bathroom depends on the design's ability to combine practicality with a stunning and appealing aesthetic.

This article covers a variety of realistic bathroom designs to increase your space. It includes everything from shower designs for small bathrooms to a built-in tower of drawers and shelves for the vanity top, etc.

1.  Ideal Use of Wall Space

towel hanger

Bathroom designers have perfected the art of creating unique design ideas to transform bathrooms into showpieces. Many bathrooms waste valuable space by not using the wall over the toilet. Many individuals like to hang a framed picture or artwork over their loo. You can store four folded towels on the rack that is mounted over the toilet and is conveniently located just inside the doorway to the shower. The matte black colouring harmonizes well with the existing decor.

2.  Creating More Space by Shower Niche

bathroom with walk in shower

Bathroom designs are best suited to streamlined, Scandinavian, or contemporary bathrooms. They have everything you need for a pleasant stay, including minimal furnishings, yet are still fully appointed. These layouts are more convenient for people searching for small bathroom ideas with showers.

A shower niche provides extra space for shampoos and other toiletries. But if you discover that standard shower niches are too cramped, there is no reason you can't enlarge them, especially vertically between the wall studs. A huge shower niche not only provides practical extra storage but also serves to visually expand the room by directing the viewer's gaze upward

3.  Optimal Use of Shelf Space

bathroom two shelves above the bathtub

Bathroom storage solutions are a great way to keep your countertops from becoming a dumping ground. One of the keys to making the most of tiny bathroom space is to limit needless types of bathroom fixtures. It's acceptable for vanities to take a back seat in some compact WC layouts. A neat-looking restroom can quickly become a cluttered disaster if all available counter space is utilized. For aesthetics, we advise linearly decorating shelves. Only keep items in the bathroom that you use regularly.

4.  Storage Towers

bathroom with storage towers

Finding innovative storage solutions is the secret to a functional and attractive bathroom. Making skin care products and other frequently used goods as close as possible to eye level by installing storage towers in your bathroom.

5.  Pendant Lights

bathroom with pendant lights

Drop pendant lights from the ceiling instead of trying to shoehorn sconces onto a small bathroom wall. The bathroom above the floating vanity can have room for a full-length mirror due to the addition of two beautiful pendants.

Wrap Up

While limited space in the bathroom may make you think otherwise, there are still designs available to you that may elevate the space in your bathroom. Indeed, space in a bathroom is often at a premium. Still, there are plenty of clever ways to make the most of what you have, including built-in shelves, concealed storage below the sink and behind the water closet, and mirrors with storage space behind them. Bathroom designers also suggest that using specific colours for the bathroom also helps create an impact of increased space. 

Easefix is your local platform to hire top-quality bathroom fitters to implement all your elegant design ideas for elevating space in your bathroom.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What bathroom designs have been popular in 2022?

  • Sinks and faucets with touchless technology, 
  • Organic design, 
  • Multipurpose shelving, 
  • Modern touches, 
  • Integrated technology,
  • Enhanced mirror illumination, 
  • Upgraded universal design

2.   What are the major types of bathroom designs?

  • Master bathrooms. The master bathroom is the most often used in a house, and it's usually located right next to the master bedroom.
  • Full bathrooms 
  • Half bathrooms
  • Split bathrooms
  • Jack and Jill

3.   What colour will be the most popular in bathrooms in 2023?

The most prominent bathroom designers suggest in 2023, blue and light green bathrooms will be as common as warmer neutrals. In many ways, these are just extensions of the most popular colours of bathrooms in 2022. Taupe, all-white bathrooms and natural tones with warm undertones are also on trend this year.

4.   Is there an all-season colour for a bathroom?

The bathroom would look great in any of these neutral hues. A colour scheme of light gray and off-white is both sanitary and visually attractive, as it is not too far from pure white.