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5 Smart Cleaning Hacks to Save Time And Money

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by George Knight

2022-11-24 04:50 PM

One in ten people spends 15 hours a week cleaning, and more than 30 percent of Britons devote at least 10 hours a week to home cleaning. Throughout our lives, this adds up to a whopping two years of scrubbing.  We tend to do mundane tasks around the house on autopilot, but what if there was a better, more time-saving way to get them done? 

There is always more to clean, and there are always more jobs to do. Cleaning not only consumes a lot of time and resources but also uses a wide variety of expensive and inconvenient cleaning equipment. Some easy cleaning hacks might help you save money while maintaining your home. 

To help you save time and effort, we have compiled a list of five cleaning hacks.

If you wish you had less time to spend cleaning, this post is for you. These simple DIY cleaning tips can save significant amounts of time, especially by using ingredients already in the kitchen.

1. Clean Your Microwave with White Wine Vinegar

white wine vinegar

A microwave makes it simple to save time in the kitchen. However, cleaning it is a tremendous discomfort to the back. It's the cramped confines and having to flip yourself to clean the oven ceiling virtually. The secret lies in a convenient DIY cleaning tip you can use in everyday home cleaning.

Clean your microwave without using a sponge or cleaner by letting it clean itself. This is by adding equal amounts of white wine vinegar and water in a microwave-safe bowl, then heat on high for five minutes, allowing the vinegar to develop steam. Check how things are going and repeat if necessary. Then, gently remove the bowl (using safety gear) and clean the microwave walls. Start the microwave only after ensuring a full cup of solution inside.

2.  Microfibre Cloths Are Ideal for Spotless Window Cleaning

microfiber cloths

Even though they let in much-needed natural light, windows can be a real nuisance to keep clean. However, there is a more straightforward option than carrying cleaning equipment like water and squeegees to clean them all. To do this, all you need are a few microfibre cloths and a belief that prevention is always preferable to treatment.

You can make wiping down the windows a regular part of your home-cleaning exercise, incorporating it into your routine once every few weeks rather than putting it off until they become filthy and a major undertaking. Microfiber towels include a cleaning cloth with a glass and polishing cloth to keep your windows sparkling. 

You can use the cleaning cloth to swiftly wipe the window down from top to bottom (rather than in a circular motion) before drying it off with the polishing cloth. It takes no more than two minutes. By preventing windows from becoming dirty, they are effortless to clean.

3. Use a Dust Mop or A Swifter to Wipe  Walls in Your Bathroom

dust mop

The walls of a bathroom tend to attract a lot of grime. Especially considering the standard weekly clean prioritizes sanitation fixtures like the loo, sink, tub, and shower. Furthermore, there is something about grime that persists even after several steamings. If you want a fast way to clean the walls of your bathroom, try using a dust mop or a swifter with your regular cleaning solution.

4. Use Vinegar and Lemon for Shower Head Cleaning

vinegar and lemon

Washroom cleaning is an important segment of home cleaning. Unnoticed, shower heads can soon get encrusted with grime, preventing water from flowing correctly. Fill a clear sandwich bag with warm water, vinegar, and lemon, then tie it firmly over the nozzle of your shower head for a quick and easy cleaning method.

Cleaning the shower thoroughly once a week includes spraying the shower head with water and distilled white vinegar or a commercial cleaner. First, you can use a toothbrush to scrub the nozzle openings, and then you can run the shower for a few minutes to eliminate any lingering grime.

You should check the water pressure when it begins to drop, indicating the need for cleaning. The mineral deposits will continue to deteriorate the water pressure.

You can install a shower head filter outside the building in line with the water supply to avoid problems with mineral accumulation and bacterial growth.

If mold is a problem, a metal showerhead is ideal. Mold is less of a threat on metal shower heads but can quickly grow on plastic ones. Moreover, you can prevent mold and mildew from growing in the bathroom by running the fan while you're in there and switching it back on when you get out.

5. Clean The Baseboards Using Dryer Sheets

worker cleaning baseboard

It is another handy cleaning hack for routine home cleaning. Baseboards don’t need to be washed with soap and water and dried unless there is a lot of dust and debris. Instead, quickly remove the dirt with a clean dryer sheet. The dust stays on the sheet, so you may move on to the next task without delay. In addition to looking nice, the clean aroma they leave behind is a huge perk.

Do not forget that hiring a professional cleaning service is your best bet. Home improvement apps like Easefix offer reliable home-cleaning services with the necessary training and equipment. We can modify our cleaning services to meet your specific needs. Book a professional cleaner with Easefix to save both time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the most effective methods for sprucing up your home?

  • Use of olive oil as a polish
  • Use lemons or limes to purify the disposal after using rubbish
  • Use vodka to get rid of carpet stains
  • You can get rid of water marks by using shaving cream
  • Clean tubs with baking soda and vinegar
  • Clean the toilets with the same solution

2. How can I clean my house more quickly?

If you want to get more done in less time the next time you put on your cleaning gloves, try using these five strategies.

  • To clean the baseboards, use a dryer sheet.
  • If you want your stainless steel sink to sparkle, use a lemon.
  • Construct a wastebasket.
  • Use the brush to clean the couch.
  • Set aside a particular day for major projects

3. Regarding housekeeping, what is the most efficient method?

Wiping down counters, checking the fridge, and dishwashing daily will prevent you from having to spend much time cleaning up problems later on.

  • Do not let the dishes accumulate dirt.
  • Put some effort into cleaning the sink.
  • Make sure everything is spotless.
  • Take on the fridge.
  • Dispose of Garbage Promptly.

4. When is the most convenient time to do housework?

Perform any noisy cleaning (like vacuuming) in the morning. Similarly, clean when you feel most energized. It's possible for early birds to do your cleaning chores before the sun rises, while those who are more comfortable working at night can do so while the sun goes down.