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Basic Plumbing Skills; What is the Work of a Plumber?


by W.Malik

2022-10-11 08:22 AM

Everyone wants to have a clean home but when you have plumbing issues in washrooms and kitchen, it becomes difficult. Nowadays, some people are quite handy and able to do several plumbing jobs on their own. But most of the youngsters don’t even know the basic plumbing skills and what is the work of a plumber. Sometimes you suddenly see leakages in the tap of washrooms or kitchen and it's irritating. In this situation, everyone needs a person who can fix these taps and he is known as a plumber. ## Who is a Plumber? A plumber is a skilled person who specialises in the installation, repairing and maintenance of drainage, piping, taps and other sanitary wares of kitchens and washrooms. Generally, plumbers do not have a specific certification instead they have experience and overall general knowledge of the above-mentioned issues. They use their skill to identify and fix the problem faced by the client. ## Where Does Plumber Work? You can find plumbers all over the United Kingdom but when it comes to a specific area of a home or building, plumbers normally use their skills for plumbing issues in washrooms and kitchens. The reason is we usually have taps and other sanitary fittings in these areas of a home or building. Plumber work tools vary from situation to situation but plumbers usually have some common tools that help them to achieve different tasks. However, plumber working hours are different in every region but as a rule of thumb, they usually work around 8 to 10 hours a day. ## What are Basic Plumbing Skills? Plumbers usually have numerous skills and abilities depending on their experience, knowledge and area of expertise. You might see some plumbers who are experts in making sanitary fitting, while some others have amazing skills related to drainage installation and maintenance. But the basic plumbing skills include installation of taps, showers, bathtubs, cleaning of drainage and maintenance of sanitary items. For these issues, you don’t need a very experienced person, even though you can ask a junior plumber for these things. ## What Does a Plumber Do Daily? Plumbers have numerous things to do but the most common plumbing jobs include the installation and repair of water, gas and other piping in businesses, factories and homes. They also install sanitary ware in houses like toilets, bathtubs, dishwashers and water heaters. Plumbers are also responsible for cleaning drain pipes by removing obstructions, while they also replace or repair broken pipes. Numerous plumbing tools allow them to complete their jobs. Some of the basic tools include a basin wrench, pipe wrench, faucet key, thread sealing tape, adjustable wrench and hacksaw. Some of the most common jobs for a plumber include: ### Installation of Toilets It is one of the most common jobs for a plumber. Installing a toilet looks simple but it has various complexities. An incorrect toilet fitting cannot only cause leakage but it can also make it irritating to use. But if the plumber follows the correct procedure, he can ensure accurate fitting. Firstly, the plumber takes the floor size and fixes the ring on the floor. Then he secures the toilet on the floor and installs the cistern tank. Later on, he connects the pipe to the cistern tanks and finally, turns the water on to check leakage and water spill. ### Bathtubs Fitting ![Bathroom Installation.webp]( Bathtub fitting is a difficult task but if the plumber is experienced, he can fix it in a few hours. Firstly, the plumber takes the size of the floor and turns off the water in the bathroom. Later, he puts the bathtub on the size and secures the floor. Afterward, he seals all the fittings and pipes and takes a final try by turning on the water and draining it. ### Repairing of Pipes If you ask a plumber what is the most difficult thing he faces on the job, he will say, fixing old pipes. The reason is that whenever the fitting is concealed, it gets quite difficult for the plumber to identify from where the water is spilling out or which pipe might have leaked. But experienced plumbers usually identify broken pipes with the intensity of water coming out. They just check the flow and understand the type of leakage. Afterward, they turn off the water, cut the walls to open the fittings, replace them, let them dry and fill the wall again. ### Cleaning of Drainage One of the dirtiest jobs plumbers do daily is clean a drain. It can be in the kitchen or washroom but sometimes the drain gets some obstruction that needs to be removed. The only person who can do it professionally without damaging the pipe is a plumber. They use different methods and tools and clear the drain which increases the life of pipelines. ### Gas Pipe Fitting Plumbers usually work in the washroom and kitchen and therefore, one of their jobs also includes gas pipe fitting. This type of fitting is usually required for gas heaters and geysers. These professional plumbers turn off the gas, install new gas lines, make a connection and you’re good to go. It looks simple but gas pipe fitting is one of the most dangerous jobs for plumbers because their lives are at risk. ## Do You Need a Plumber? Most of us ignore small maintenance and repair works but it's good to fix these issues at the right time. It allows us to avoid significant issues in the future and helps us save costs. You can always have a plumber for the installation of gas pipes, bathtubs, toilets, and taps, cleaning of drainage and repairing of old pipes. There are various plumbing services companies in UK. 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