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CCTV Systems

Lee Anderson

by W Malik

2022-10-19 12:07 AM

Understanding CCTV systems is the first step when choosing a CCTV security system. We define CCTV and help you distinguish between analogue and digital CCTV systems. Read on to know the difference between wired and wireless options and which system is the best for your home. 

What Is CCTV Security System?

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CCTV stands for closed-circuit television, a closed-loop system where everything it broadcasts stays in-house. This type of video system consists of video cameras strategically placed around an area to record footage. The footage is then transmitted to a display monitor in real-time. CCTV also provides footage playback. 

What Type of CCTV System Is Best?

There are two major types of CCTV systems. 

Analogue CCTV

analog cctv

They consist of an analog video camera that connects to a (DVR) digital video recorder. This information is received, compressed, and stored on a hard drive. You can then go back and watch the stored footage. Analog systems are significantly cheaper than digital cameras, especially when installing multiple cameras. They are also easy to use and are now available in HD quality. However, they are not ideal in areas with lots of traffic because of the low frame rate. They also lack encryption technology, so stolen footage is easy to access. 

Digital CCTV

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A digital CCTV system uses an NVR (Network Video Recorder) instead of a DVR. The camera works like the DVR, allowing you to monitor footage over an internet connection remotely. Digital CCTV systems can cover an area three times more than an analogue system. They have zoom functions, remote access, and detailed footage analytics. However, they are expensive to install, and footage without backup can be lost and never recovered. The best type of CCTV system for you is that which matches your exact needs. 

Which Is Better, Wireless CCTV Or Wired CCTV?

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CCTV cameras come in various options, with the main categorization being wired vs. wireless CCTV cameras. 

Wired CCTV Cameras 

Wired security cameras consist of CCTV camera kits that plug into a power source and the internet using a cable. Most of them have separate cords that connect to an internet router and the other to a power outlet. The best CCTV systems for home are wired since they do not suffer from dropped signals or recording issues because of a lost internet connection. They are also harder to steal than wireless options because they are connected to the house. 

Wireless CCTV Cameras 

Wireless CCTV systems connect to a power source via a cord and to the internet over wi-fi. They can upload the footage to a local device or the cloud. While wired and wireless systems require wired power, wireless CCTV systems transmit wirelessly. In addition, they are easy to set up because of the minimum cables. The better option between the two depends on your requirements. Wireless CCTV cameras are ideal if you want ease of installation and flexibility. However, wired CCTV camera kits are suitable if you want uninterrupted connectivity and don't mind wires. 

Which CCTV Camera Is Good For Home?

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The best home CCTV systems fulfill various security needs. There are both indoor and outdoor CCTV systems. The main difference is that indoor CCTV systems are not always weatherproof. In addition, outdoor CCTV systems can detect motion from far away, while indoor models only detect motion when someone enters the room. If you live in a flat, you'll benefit from an indoor, digital CCTV since you can access it remotely. Besides, you don't want to record in and out traffic from neighbours. However, CCTV cameras that sync outdoor and indoor activity are best if you have a home where you must protect possessions inside and outside the house. 

Can I Install CCTV On My Own? 

CCTV systems installation is not complicated if you like tinkering with devices. However, some laws govern how you situate and use CCTV. Contact certified CCTV installers from EaseFix to help you comply with CCTV installation laws. 


In summary, CCTV systems consist of digital and analogue types. Depending on your budget and the required features, you can have either kind installed. Moreover, wired systems are more reliable, while wireless CCTV systems offer remote access.