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Common Electrician Services; What Does an Electrician Do?

Lee Anderson

by W. Malik

2022-10-11 07:27 AM

Every household has numerous electrical appliances and fittings. But it becomes difficult to live comfortably when you have faulty connections or dim lights. People these days can handle some simple electrical jobs, but some people don’t even know how to change a bulb. Sometimes you face broken connections and faulty lights. Under these circumstances, everyone needs a specialist to fix these issues and provide electrician services. The person responsible for this is known as an electrician.

Who Is An Electrician?

electrician performing electrical work

An electrician is an expert specializing in electrical wiring, transmission lines, station machinery and related equipment of buildings and homes. Electricians are responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical infrastructure. The job of electricians is not limited to wiring and installation of buildings, but they also work in automobiles and aircraft.  

Understanding Different Electrical Professionals

There are various types of electricians, including domestic electrical installers, installation electricians, maintenance electricians and instrumentation electricians.

Domestic Electrician

A domestic electrician is the most common type. These electricians are responsible for installing and repairing domestic properties like homes, plots and offices. Their job includes a variety ranging from socket fixes to wiring and installation of new devices. Installation electricians are usually concerned with the installation of new electrical devices and systems. These include lighting, power, fire protection system, cables and security switches. Installation electricians normally have a wider scope than domestic electricians as they get more chances to work on larger projects like commercial properties.

Maintenance Electrician 

Maintenance electricians normally have maintenance jobs. They are responsible for checking and ensuring that the modern electrical equipment and systems are serving at their best. These technicians also ensure the operations are safe, effective and efficient. Their common jobs include fixing the power grid and maintaining machinery in factories. Instrumentation Electricians are usually there to identify faults and repair them. They work primarily on air-conditioning units, heating systems and refrigeration plants. 

What Exactly Does An Electrician Do?

electrical installation

As discussed earlier, there are various types of electricians and different jobs they do. But the most common duties of an electrician include installation of wiring, internal lighting, external lighting, solar panels, air-conditioner, and refrigerator, finding faults in wiring, fixing sockets and maintaining the overall electrical infrastructure of a home, office, or commercial building. 

Installation of Wiring 

Installation of wiring is the first and most common job of an electrician. For this task, experienced professionals are required because the wiring work seems easy, but a lack of experience and inappropriate fitting can lead to severe financial and human losses. Electrical work wiring is crucial for every home and office because none of the electrical systems can work without it. For concealed internal wiring installation, the electrical technician puts new pipes in walls and ceilings, inserts new wiring in them and checks whether it’s working fine or not. The electrical technician puts new wiring over the walls and checks them for external wiring. 

Installation of Lighting 

For installing lights, not much electrical work is required. The reason is that electrical points are already set up, and the electrician works to fix and test new lights. The same process is followed for external lighting. 

Solar Panel Installation

solar panel installation

It is one of the most difficult electrical works because the electrician must follow various steps to install a solar panel system successfully. There are two basic steps, the first is to understand the load needs in the house, and the second is the decision whether the owner wants all accessories to be converted into solar panels or a few. After making the decision, the electrical technician has to calculate the load and put a sufficient number of solar panels along with the battery to provide enough backup when the sun is down. Later on, he installs the wiring and checks whether everything is working fine or not. 

Installation of Air Conditioner 

It is a difficult job for an electrician, but it becomes easy when the technician has enough knowledge and experience. He has to install indoor and outdoor units, insert the gas pipes and make electrical connections. However, it is not as easy as it looks because sometimes, even a single mistake can lead the air-conditioning unit to malfunction. 

Finding and Fixing Faults

electric socket installation

If you ask an electrician what his most hectic and tiring job is, he might say finding and fixing faults in wirings. The reason is that installing new wiring is easier than finding the broken or faulty piece of wiring, especially when the entire setup is concealed. It is not only difficult but can also sometimes lead to more faults and even power breakdown of the entire site. Therefore, electricians commonly use a few meters and cables to check the fault in wires individually. Then they find the faulty wire and fix it. 

Fixing or Replacing Sockets 

You might think how difficult it is to charge a phone on a faulty socket, but don’t worry, an electrician can easily change or fix a socket for you. They usually check the old socket to see whether it can be repaired, and if the answer is no, they replace it, and you’re good to go. 

Maintenance of Electrical Infrastructure 

This is a common job for electricians, and it takes less time. People usually call an electrical worker, and they inspect the entire home or office for any faults. If they find something, they fix it. Otherwise, they give a thumbs up and ask people to continue using the same appliances and wiring. 

Do You Need an Electrician?

The majority of us sometimes ignore small electrical issues rising in our homes. But we should be aware that small issues can lead to significant losses and make it difficult to overcome them. Therefore, we should fix small issues whenever they arise. You can always call an electrician to install sockets, fix wiring and make new connections. To get competitive prices and effective service at your doorstep, you can contact EaseFix. It is a simple and easy-to-use platform that can help you find the best electrician available 24 hours a Day, get free quotes and choose the most suitable option. For more information, visit our website today.