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Flora Butler

by Flora Butler

2022-07-09 04:55 AM

Today, no one like the mundane bathroom with a WC, showerhead, and vanity. Bathrooms have undergone a lot of changes in the last two years. You can blame it on the pandemic, as people were spending a lot of time at home. So, home improvements were and will be high on the list of most individuals. No matter, what your needs and want regarding your bathroom are, you have got them answered. You can get the latest designs, layouts, fixtures, fittings, and accessories delivered right to your doorstep. 

Get the best bathrooms supplied and fitted today with in the picture.

Easefix is your best brand for all bathroom fittings, fixtures, and accessories. That is not all, though. You will get end-to-end servicing for all installations, plumbing, and tiling, as well. The best customer service awaits you today. You will also be able to check the reviews and testimonials of past clients before finalizing the vendor. 

Bathroom Supplies and Fitting Decoded When you get in touch with the best technicians and professionals, you can get the bathrooms supplied and fitted in no time. You can get a number of bids for the task. Get the fastest response and quotes and start the fitting task in less time than usual. There are a variety of inclusions. Read about them here. **Bath Fittings and Fixtures** You can avail yourself of a variety of fittings and fixtures today. The overall costs and fitting timelines depend on the kind of things you choose. Other elements that can take a while are tiles, vinyl flooring or wooden flooring. We have compiled a list of basic fittings, that every bathroom requires. 

They include: 

● Bath cubicles

● Showerheads 

● Faucets 

● Sinks and basins 

● Exhaust fan 

● Flooring 

● Lighting 

● Tiles 

 Tubs Plumbing is one of the basic necessities when you have to get all of these fitted. However, if you are getting electric fixtures installed, you need qualified electricians as well. Moreover, masonry experts and grouting experts can help you to tile the walls and flooring. So, it is a comprehensive task. Get the best-verified professionals today for the task.

Bathroom Suites and Layout If you are renovating and remodelling an existing place, plumbing and wiring will already be in place. If you do not want to change the tiles, that also saves a lot of time. If you are going with the same layout and space, then there are not many tasks left. You can plan out the new positions of the fixtures and fittings, to save time. You will be happy to know that fitting the shower cubicle is the easiest part of the job. The professionals can accomplish the task in 8 hours approximately. However, the bathtub fitting requires additional time, as you might have to call the plaster guy to rebuild the tiles. 

Moreover, you have to consider the time taken to fit the individual faucets and showers. Thus, you need to consider 4-5 days for the task. It takes a whole day to fit tiles on a medium bathroom and lower walls.

Conclusion You can get the bathroom built the way you want to. It depends on the needs of the family and the budget. Get the best assistance in delivery and fitting by To get the best deals and packages connect with us at and get the bathrooms supplied and fitter.