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An Introduction to Different Types of Carpentry Work – Easefix

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by W Malik

2022-10-23 09:06 PM

Sometimes you have something break in your house and wish you could fix it, whether it is the kitchen cabinet, table, or maybe even a door hinge coming off.

As much as you want to fix it yourself, you wouldn’t have the skills necessary compared to a specialized carpenter. has information on the top-rated carpenters on the market. So next time something breaks at your house, save yourself the trouble and hop onto the site to find one.

What Is A Carpenter?

Carpentry Work

A carpenter is a person who makes, repairs, and fixes wood structures and building materials. This skill is achieved through going to carpentry school. A carpenter could install doors, wooden floors, and furniture in newly constructed buildings. They are also needed to renovate old buildings to fix new and better materials.

Types of Carpentry

 Types Carpentry Work

Carpentry is a vast industry. It, therefore, gives a lot of opportunities to be filled, giving career opportunities to those interested in it.

Many types of carpentry jobs exist to fill the gap required.

They include:

  1. Joister
  2. Trim
  3. Rough
  4. Cabinet maker
  5. Framer
  6. Roofer
  7. Ship carpentry


  1. Joister

Joister carpentry includes constructing floor joists and fixing floor surfaces. Joists are horizontal boards connected to the building’s frame structure and have the floor attached.

Floors are a delicate area to work on; therefore, joister should know what they are doing completely.

  1. Trim

Trim carpentry involves specialization in molding and room decorations by building trims. They are involved in the use of materials such as mantles, skirting boards, and trims on doors and windows.

They also prepare the finishing layout, requiring them to be highly detailed.

  1. Rough

They are involved in the rough carpentry work needed on-site. During construction, they involve themselves in roofing, framing, and other wooden structures.

It is a common kind of carpentry because it involves assembling most parts required in construction.

  1. Cabinet maker

They are involved in constructing cabinets, dressers, wardrobes, and storage boxes. They also put together prefabricated pieces of wood.

  1. Framer

As the name suggests, they are exclusively involved in framing activities and are mostly hired under a contract. They put together the main parts of a frame and make floors from frame roofs.

  1. Roofer

They construct roofs by setting up trusses, rafters, and beams. They are needed in roof maintenance, replacement, and renovation. 

It is a much more dangerous job than other industrial carpentry forms since it involves heights. It, therefore, requires a physically fit individual who can easily maneuver through high places.

  1. Ship carpentry

These are professionals who focus on shipbuilding. Clients meet up with them and say what they want, and the carpenters, in turn, put the structure together. They also maintain and repair ships, which earns them quite a fortune.


Carpentry is a demanding job which, if one devotes fully to earning the skill and giving their best in the job, can be the best decision they ever made. In this ever-growing world, construction never stops; therefore, carpenters will always be needed. enlists carpenters who are highly rated in the business. Check it out now!