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Different Types of Cleaning and How Much Should I Pay For It?


by W Malik

2022-10-11 12:37 PM

Exerting yourself in the office for hours and then coming back to a messy home isn’t exactly a mood booster. Maintaining a work-life balance is already a hardship for many. Throw in the task of deep cleaning your home and it is the perfect recipe for upending that balance. However, homeowners who have ample time on their hands, might find daily or weekly cleaning a therapeutic session, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Those who want to return to a neat and clean home, yet don’t have the energy to do so, can hire professional cleaning services. And Easeifx is the right choice for you! But before hiring a cleaning service UK, you should know what is included in domestic cleaning, the different types of cleaning, and how much they cost. What is included in domestic cleaning? ## Domestic cleaning is the process of cleaning and maintaining tidiness in your house. Depending on the size and condition of your house, you can either book standard or deep cleaning services. In general, domestic cleaning includes: - Vacuuming carpets - Mopping and sweeping floors - Cleaning bathtub and bathroom mirrors - Cleaning and disinfecting toilet - Ironing - Dusting - Cleaning kitchen appliances - Wiping down kitsch countertops In most cases, you can have a cleaner do dishes, fold laundry, and change sheets - but for an additional price. ![Domestic House Cleaning.webp]( Different types of cleaning ## Professional cleaning services can perform different cleaning tasks. If you have hired professionals for deep cleaning services, then you are likely to get more tasks covered than in a standard cleaning. The most common question that homeowners have for cleaning services are what are the 5 types of cleaning? Well, here is the answer for you! Regular or General Cleaning ### Regular cleaning, again, depends on the size of the home. People usually hire weekly cleaning services to perform regular cleaning tasks such as vacuuming carpets, sweeping floor, dusting, and generally tidying up the home. This can take 2 to 3 hours for a normal size home. Deep Cleaning ### As the name suggests, deep cleaning means making sure every nook and cranny is spotless. Homeowners usually opt for deep cleaning before the start of summer or any big event/celebration. Cleaners will thoroughly clean your house including your closets, under the bed, washroom and all the places that are usually left behind in regular cleaning. Decor Cleaning ### Decor cleaning can be done separately or treated as an extension of deep cleaning as well. Here, decorations and fittings are cleansed properly. Some examples include pictures on the walls, ornaments, show pieces, blinds or curtains. Decluttering and Storage ### Decluttering and storage is, perhaps, the most overlooked aspect when it comes to cleaning. Making your house sparkle is only the half part of it, the other ensures your house looks organised as well. If booked for this particular purpose, cleaning services UK declutter and clean garages, under-stair cupboards, sheds, attic, basement and even loft. Removing unnecessary items and making extra spaces means more living space for you! End-of-Tenancy Cleaning ### End-of-tenancy cleaning is often a result of a panic call from owners when the tenants leave the home and they witness the horror left behind. This is an extreme form of cleaning where the home is cleaned from inside and the outside. Sometimes the house is in need of repairs too! Since the house has to be cleaned thoroughly, the cleaning often takes days to complete. How much does cleaning services cost? ## How much does a cleaner cost UK? People often ask this question before even deciding on the type of cleaning they want! The obvious answer is: the more thorough cleaning, the higher the cost! Before you start making a random figure in your head, let’s have a look at estimated costs per hour for different types of cleaning services: - Weekly cleaning costs between £12 to £23 - Decluttering costs around £30 to £35 - Window cleaning costs between £20 to £25 - Floor cleaning costs from £10 to £15 - End-of-tenancy cleaning costs between £50 to £150 If you are still divided between the type of cleaning you want and are wondering what do cleaners charge hourly? You should know that the regular house cleaning costs between £10 to £20. If you are living in Salford, then expect to pay between £16 to £40 per hour. Nevertheless, professional cleaning services usually know the estimated time for different cleaning tasks and can inform you beforehand. ![Carpet Cleaning.webp]( Another problem that house owners face even after booking professional cleaning services is that they have limited time to spare. They can’t sit around all day for the cleaning to take place and usually want things to wind up within a couple of hours. So, what can a cleaner do in 2 hours? A lot! If you have a small apartment, like a studio, then a cleaner can easily sweep and mop floors, clean a toilet, wipe kitchen countertops, and even do a few dishes in two hours. But if you have a big home and even regular cleaning won’t be enough then make sure to hire cleaning services for the most needy part of your house. ## Final Words For some people, cleaning the house is a necessary evil which they keep holding up until the situation gets out of hand. Not to panic, because Easefix brings you the help of professional cleaners who know deep cleaning services like the back of their hand!