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Resin Bound Driveway Costs – 2022 Installation Price Guide


by W Malik

2022-10-23 08:47 PM

We all love to walk home to a beautiful path or runway. It is pleasing to the eye and gives you the satisfaction of a beautiful home. This is where decorations such as a resin-bound driveway come in.

A resin-bounded driveway is a setup where resin and stones are mixed together thoroughly before being laid onto the surface. Unlike its resin-bonded counterpart, where resin is first applied to the surface and then stones spread on top, a resin bounded driveway completely coats the stones. This makes it completely bounded to the surface. A resin-bounded driveway is more durable than a resin-bonded one.

Resin Bound Driveway

A resin-bounded driveway is porous, allowing water to pass through to the surface. It, therefore, needs to be cleaned at times to avoid moss growth and keep it cool. A resin-bonded path is different from that, and being non-porous, water sits on it and, if not swept away, might cause cracking.

These are the cost of a resin-bounded driveway if you’re considering installing this surface on your home’s entrance. You can also take quotes for resin bound from different service providers and compare rates.

Average Resin Driveway Costs 2022

New sub-base - £70 per m2

Resin-bound driveway - £110 per m2

New sub-base and resin-bound driveway - £180 per m2

Factors that determine Resin-Bound Driveway Cost

The resin-bound driveway cost depends on several factors that vary from house to house. Some homes might have elements that work in their favour, while others don’t.

These are some of the factors that contribute in the resin driveway cost calculator:


Different types of resin and stones can be used to attract the same results and have varying prices. If expensive materials are used, the more money you will be required for installation.

Driveway Size

A larger driveway will attract a higher price since more materials will be needed. Your driveway layout will also factor in, as a more challenging layout will be costly. This is because a complicated structure requires applying more materials.

Stone Size And Type

Even though a 5mm stone size is used in most cases, there are different stone sizes and types.

This will be affected by how deep your driveway is. A deeper driveway will therefore cost more than a shallow one.

Need For any Excavation or Foundation

Does your yard have a large rock protruding from the ground or lacks a base? If so, it will need to be corrected since a flat base will be required to apply the resin.

If your base also has damages, it will have to be corrected before resin is applied hence more costs.

Labour Costs

Labour will also be a cost you have to cover since the workers need to get paid. This will depend on the number of workers you hire, as more workers attract more charges.

The location of your place matters, too, as different workers in different areas have varying rates. There is also resin preparation cost and resin installation cost as the labour has to prepare the mixture and apply to cover the area.

What Are the Problems Facing Resin Driveways?

Resin Bound Driveway Material

High Cost

Gravel or concrete surfacing is cheaper than resin surfacing, which is costly and complicated. This is because it requires an expert to work on it, attracting a high resin driveway cost.

Heavy Use

You will want to avoid using resin in places with much usage and traffic. Much usage leads to wear and tear, which progressively causes cracking. Fixing that attracts more cost of resin-bound driveways.


Resin makes your compound more beautiful, although it has its highs and lows. Before installing it, it’s best to consider if it’s the ideal option for your driveway. This will save you time and money as the materials are costly and take time to fix.

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