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Electrician Cost Guide – What to Know?

Lee Anderson

by W Malik

2022-10-21 09:13 PM

Electricians have different ways of charging for their work. But most charge by the hour, day, or a specific figure for a certain task. Most people don't know the cost of an electrician. Hence, it's easy to be overcharged if you don't know the expected price for an electrical job.

This electrician cost guide is all you need for fair pricing and for a fair electrician cost calculator for your job. Our listed Easefix rates are based on electrical work in the UK and are independent of contractors across different electrical jobs.

Estimated Electrician Prices List and Hourly Electrician Costs

Hourly Rate 


Emergency Hourly Rate


Daily Rate

£200 - £250

Troubleshooting and diagnosing an electrical fault


Rewiring cost for a single room


Rewiring cost for a 2-Bedroom house or flat

£2500 - £3525

Rewiring cost for a 3-Bedroom house or flat

£2800 - £4200

Rewiring cost for a 3-Bedroom house or flat

£4000 - £6000

Cost of (Supply & Install) 10-way Dual RCD Consumer Unit 

£250 - £600

Cost of (Supply & Install) 15-way Dual RCD Consumer Unit

£300 - £700

PAT Testing

£70 - £245

Electrical Safety Certificate

£144 - £276

Electric Shower Fitting

£210 - £900 


£120 - £300

Repairing a shower

£160 - £225











Hourly Rate Electrician Costs

Most professional electricians will charge an hourly rate of £35-£65. This usually excludes 20% VAT and is the minimum electricians will charge for small jobs to be worth the electrician's time. However, independent electricians can charge roughly £20-£25 per hour because of their lower overheads. The quotes from the electrician should include the number of hours a certain job will take to complete and any materials cost.

Electrician Costs Per Day

You can expect to pay electricians £200 - £250. The amount is usually higher in London and the South of England. Nonetheless, some independent electricians charge as low as £150.

Emergency Electrician Costs

You can expect to pay double the hourly rate if you need an electrician on short notice or during unusual hours. The amount is usually around £80.

Electrical Lights Fitting Costs

Changing ceiling lights is a job that takes less than an hour. However, you will be charged the hourly rate for the electrician without the costs of paying for the light fixture.

Consumer Unit Electrician Costs

The work of the consumer unit, also known as the fuse box, is to control electrical flow inside a home. Replacement of a consumer unit typically costs £400 - £500, usually taking a day to complete.

Electrical Socket Replacement Costs

Fitting an indoor double socket onto a wall costs around £100. This price is also expected for an outdoor socket.

Electrical Inspection Costs

Electrical survey costs depend on the property's size and the expected number of circuits and rooms. Electricians usually charge £80 - £100 and up to £300.

Factors Affecting Electrician Costs

  1. Distance
  2. Type of job
  3. Accessibility
  4. Condition of Electrical Components

1. Distance

If an electrician travels a long distance to the job's location, they may add a small fee to cover the extra travelling costs. However, you shouldn't need to pay the extra fees when you choose Easefix electricians since we list the ones nearest to you. Our electricians work on the average electrician costs as per the market.

2. Type of Job

The type of the job also determines the electrician's cost. For example, a small job of installing LED lights will be cheaper than home automation costs.

3. Accessibility

If an electrician has to work in difficult-to-access areas, the electrician prices will likely be higher than in an easy-to-access location.

4. Condition of Electrical Components

Older electrical components may require hard-to-source materials. Therefore, the job will be more expensive than working with newer installations. For example, the electrical wiring costs may vary depending on the time period they were installed.


An electrician's Electrical Work & Repair Costs vary widely depending on factors such as the type of job and distance. When comparing quotes at EaseFix, remember the electrician costs listed here. This way, you'll have a number in mind to avoid being overcharged.