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Electrician Salary Guide

Flora Butler

by Flora Butler

2022-11-19 09:50 AM

Many variables affect how much an electrician makes. Salary in many fields is based on years of experience. In the United Kingdom, an electrician's annual salary can range from £19k for those just starting at £70k for those with years of experience. If you're interested in becoming an electrician, this article will give you a basic idea of what you may expect to make and what factors will affect your salary.

What Do Electricians Do?

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An electrician performs a variety of tasks on an everyday basis. A typical electrician's job includes working on things like:

  • Electromechanical system installation, including power and lighting installations
  • Performing regular checks and maintenance on electrical systems to ensure their continued viability and security
  • Altering and rewiring
  • Repair and maintenance of electrical appliances

How Much Does An Electrician Earn In the UK?

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There is a significant gap between the national average salary of £28,080 and the domestic electrician's average salary of £32,805 in the United Kingdom (as evident from recent statistics by ONS). Electricians can advance to higher-paying positions as specialists or start their successful businesses with the proper education and training.

What Factors Influence An Electrician's Wage?

Income as an electrician depends on several factors. In this field, as in many others, one's level of expertise is a significant factor in establishing compensation. Some experienced electricians' yearly salary makes up to £70,000, while newly qualified electricians' basic salary ranges between £19,000 and £22,000.

Aside from experience and qualifications, the following can also have an impact on your compensation in the electrical trade:

  • Competence in serving customers
  • Possessing problem-solving abilities
  • Availability and a willingness to travel
  • Skills and expertise
  • Intelligence in business matters

All skilled tradespeople must excel at customer service. Customer loyalty is directly tied to your people's abilities, which affects your online evaluations and ratings, which are now more crucial than ever.

Some electricians are willing to travel great distances in search of suitable employment possibilities, but this depends on their skills and availability. You don't want to cap your profits because you can't finish projects. Therefore, it's best to immediately get experience with as many different types of work as possible.

Even if your problem-solving and business acumen don't appear immediately relevant to your earning potential, they very well may be. You may have the know-how to launch a business, but managing an electrical corporation requires expertise and commitment.

Where Can I Find the Highest Paying Jobs for an Electrician in the UK?

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Throughout the United Kingdom, the typical industrial electrician's salary varies significantly from region to region. To no one's surprise, electricians in London make the most money: the average salary of electricians in the capital is £37,689, while in Wales, it's only £27,859.

For the rest of the UK, the breakdown looks like this:

  • £33,808 in the Southeast
  • £32,859 in the East Midlands 
  • £30,311 in the Southwest
  • £33,892 in the West Midlands
  • £33 563 in Yorkshire and the Humber
  • £30,408 in the North-East
  • $31,564 in the Northwest
  • £33,649 in Scotland

Who Makes More Money: Freelancer Electricians or Employed Electricians?

According to a study recently accomplished, freelance electricians or self-employed electricians have the highest-paid electrician job among the 20,000 self-employed professions polled. Self-employed electricians in this group earned £51,200 per year on average, 56% higher than the average electrician wage grade in the UK overall.

While numerous factors contribute, one of the most essential is the ability to set your prices. Electricians who work for themselves can charge whatever they want if their customers are willing to pay.

Electricians who work for themselves have the freedom to set their schedules and take assignments whenever convenient. As a result, some electricians might earn respectable weekly salaries by working intensive periods of more than eight hours daily.

Benefits Comparison of Self-Employed and Fix Pay Electricians

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Following is a comparison of the advantages of self-employed vs. fixed pay or employed electricians.


  • Flexible scheduling means you set your hours.
  • Charge whatever you like.
  • Excellent earning potential

Fix Pay / Employed

  • Stable employment and income
  • Clearly laid out work schedules
  • Taking time off for vacation or illness


An electrician who knows how to market can get steady work online and offline. Because of the strong demand, self-employed electricians can pick and choose which jobs to work on, usually prioritizing the more lucrative ones like electrical testing.

Electrical work provides greater average pay, but it is not for everyone. Some people struggle to stay motivated and, as a result, do not put in enough hours, while others struggle to get enough work in the door.

At EaseFix we offer reliable electrician services. Customers feel more comfortable putting their faith in us as a result. It has also helped build our reputation in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What factors impact an electrician's salary range?

Many criteria, such as level of education, certifications, extra expertise, and years of experience in the field, can significantly impact the salary.

2. What is an electrician's average earning in the UK?

An electrician in the UK may earn an annual salary of £36,726 on average

3. Are electricians paid well in the UK?

Newly certified electricians who opt to enter the workforce can expect an annual salary of between £19,000 and $22,000 in 2021, as reported by the National Average Electrician Salary.

4. How much do different kinds of electricians typically make?

Commercial electricians have the highest average salary in the UK.