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Emergency Gas Engineer

Lee Anderson

by W Malik

2022-10-19 12:40 AM

An emergency gas engineer is a 24-hour gas engineer with an average response time of an hour. Gas and heating emergencies can occur at any time of day. That’s why it’s important to know who to call.

We look at when you should call an emergency gas engineer and whether you will incur any charges.

Is There A Charge for Emergency Gas Call Out?

When you smell gas or suspect a leak, call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999. You can also contact them via textphone (minicom) at 0800 371 787. 

It is free to call the National Gas Emergency Service, and they will send a national grid engineer. Their work is to ‘make safe’ your property which they will not charge to do. However, if you call a Gas Safe engineer to repair pipework or appliances in an emergency, you are looking at an hourly rate for their service and a call-out charge.

Does British Gas Charge for Emergency Calls?

British Gas does not deal with gas emergencies like gas leaks. Only the National Gas Emergency service does. Nonetheless, if you have another kind of emergency, like a full boiler breakdown, you can book a call from an emergency gas engineer from British Gas. 

The engineer will look at your boiler and central heating system and provide a repair quote. The emergency gas engineer cost will consist of the time and materials. The engineer will start the repair if you’re happy with the quote. If not, you’ll be charged for 30 minutes of the British Gas engineer’s time. 

Is Boiler Not Working an Emergency?

A boiler not working is considered an emergency when it’s a matter of health and safety for your household. If it’s winter and you must stop using the boiler because you smell gas or your carbon monoxide monitor has alerted you to a problem, this is an emergency. Also, this is an emergency if you have no hot water or heating and have young children.

Make sure that you call an emergency gas engineer near you. We can help you find one by browsing available Gas Safe engineers at EaseFix. Someone will be with you in the shortest time possible.

When Should You Call A Gas Emergency?

Please call the emergency gas leak number in any of these situations.

  1. There’s been a gas explosion or fire
  2. You smell gas
  3. Suspect a gas leak
  4. High or low pressure at the gas meter
  5. Worried about carbon monoxide fumes coming from a gas appliance
  6. You have no gas

How Long Can A Landlord Leave You Without Heating?

A landlord has 24 hours to fix your boiler if you have no heating or hot water. All other repairs not considered an emergency should be carried out in a “reasonable time” under section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.

Who to Call If Boiler Stops Working?

If your boiler stops working, call a Gas Safe registered engineer immediately. However, if your boiler is not working at a rented flat, you must call your landlord and let them know. Your landlord should arrange a repair or replacement.


An Emergency gas engineer is trained to handle gas emergencies concerning your health and safety. First, call the emergency service line for anything that constitutes a health and safety gas emergency. Then, book an appointment with a Gas Safe engineer for repairs.