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How Do I Find a Good Plumber in My Area?

Lee Anderson

by W Malik

2022-09-27 02:46 PM

A reliable plumber is not easy to find. You may find yourself hiring the first person you see on an ad, only for them to be a no-show, leaving work unfinished or, worse, leaving a mess. Thus, it rewards to take a little time to choose a good plumber. 

But how do you sift through the thousands of plumbers that show up when you do a simple online search? Not to worry, though. We’ll show you the easy steps before hiring an emergency plumber near you. 

Should You Hire a Local Plumber?

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Homeowners have to deal with ongoing issues with busted pipes, broken toilets, a leaking radiator, and dripping taps ⎯ every other day. While it’s not a bad idea to be a little handy, some problems are better left to professional plumbers. 

You may benefit from hiring a local plumber if you have an urgent plumbing issue. All you need to do is search for a plumber using your location. 

Reasons for Hiring a Local Plumber

  1. Flexible prices 
  2. Genuine reputation 
  3. Fast response time
  4. Extensive experience in the area 

1. Flexible Prices 

You’re likely to negotiate the price with a local plumber. This is because they understand the intricate details of the job, so it is easier to get a flexible price. A big company usually has an hourly rate that is rarely negotiable. 

2. Genuine Reputation 

A local plumber works hard to maintain a good name for themselves. An untrustworthy plumber will not go unnoticed in an area where everyone knows everyone. 

3. Fast Response 

Time A plumber working in your area will likely get to you fast in an emergency. It’s also easy to arrange an assessment visit, and it’s easier for you to get extra services. 

4. Extensive Experience in the Area 

A local plumber knows the area and is familiar with hardware stores. Thus, they can come to you with the needed parts and items. Moreover, a local plumber is better equipped with the knowledge to handle the plumbing challenges in your area, like water issues. 

How About a Service Company? 

The main reason for hiring a service company is the reduced risk of hiring an unqualified plumber. Service companies are ideal for big projects like installing a bathroom from scratch since they will have a team of dedicated service persons. In case of dispute with a service company, you are handed over to a team of professional customer care personnel. You may even get back your money, but resolving the issue may take a long time. 

Plumber vs. Heating Engineer 

Before you dial anyone, it’s essential to identify whether you need a plumber or a heating engineer. A plumber deals with water issues around the home, while a heating engineer specializes in heating systems.  

A plumber is highly competent in their area. And although there are no regulations governing the qualifications of plumbers in the UK, you may find a plumber is better equipped to deal with wet and dry pipes than a heating engineer. On the other hand, if you have problems with your boiler, hot water cylinder, or thermostat, you’ll need to hire a heating engineer. By law, a heating engineer needs to be Gas Safe registered if they will work on gas-fired appliances. 

When to Contact A Plumber You will need a plumber for any of these problems.  

  1. Leaks 
  2. Blockages 
  3. Dripping taps 
  4. Bathroom installation 
  5. Installing a dishwasher 
  6. Installing a sprinkler system 
  7. Drainage, sewage, and irrigation issues 

When to Contact a Heating Engineer 

You will require a certified heating engineer for these heating system parts. 

1. Boilers 
2. Pipework 
3. Radiators 
4. Thermostats 
5. Hot water cylinders

Finding a Good Plumber These are the best ways of finding a good plumber. We’ve outlined where to start your search to receive the most outstanding plumbing or heating service. 

1. Start at EaseFix 
2. Ask friends and family 
3. Ask another tradesperson 
4. Choose a trusted company 
5. Plumbing trade associations 
6. Compare rates and quotes 

1. Start at EaseFix EaseFix is the best place to start your search for a reputable plumber. We endorse only plumbers that have signed our code of conduct. In addition, we’ve laid out standard industry practices that we expect from plumbers on our site. Moreover, you can check customer reviews to see what others say about a particular plumber or heating engineer. The best thing about EaseFix is that you can upload photos and videos of the job, making it easy for you to receive accurate estimates, saving you up to three hours per visit. 

2. Ask friends and family Friends and family are good sources of plumbers’ information. If one has had a good experience with a plumber, they will remember to keep their contact for the next time something crops up. Therefore, you will likely find a good plumber after recommendations from friends and family. 

3. Ask another tradesperson Have you recently hired an electrician or roofer on your property? Chances are they can recommend a good plumber. People in the trades often work together, so they know the good and bad apples in the industry. 

4. Choose a trusted company A reputable plumbing company has existed long enough to establish a good name. Therefore, you’re better off choosing from a long-standing company than one that’s new and unknown. 

5. Plumbing trade associations Another good option when looking for the perfect plumber is looking for a member of a plumbing trade association such as the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) and the Association of Plumbing & Heating Contractors (APHC). You’ll find that qualified plumbers are dedicated to their craft and are part of a trade association. Look these guys up as they are ready to provide their technical capabilities to deliver top-notch results for your job. 

6. Compare rates and quotes It’s not over until you can pick a trader with the best rates. When considering plumbers from different points, remember to ask about their rates and quotes for the job. Collect at least three quotes over the phone or in person after assessing the job. Look for a plumber with a reasonable rate that’s not too high or too low. A plumber charging too low may be a “cowboy” who’ll come to train at your premises. That’s not who you want to hire. Thus, speculate about the ideal amount the plumber should charge before deciding. 


Finding a good plumber in your area should now be easy. EaseFix is the first place to look for a credible plumber or heating engineer. The most reputable plumbers want to fix your issues, and we get to present only those that meet a stringent code of conduct. Remember to compare rates, ask for quotes, and read reviews. Good luck!