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Handyman Services List

Lee Anderson

by W Malik

2022-10-19 12:56 AM

A handyman is a professional you call out for jobs such as repairing or replacing fixtures. They are the expert hands you need when you’re not comfortable completing DIY tasks or renovation projects.

This handyman services list will give you a scope of the jobs a handyman can handle.

What Are the Most Common Handyman Services?

handyman with tools belt

These are the most requested handyman services

  1. Fixture replacement
  2. Drywall installation
  3. Painting of interior and exterior
  4. Tile installation
  5. Power washing
  6. Window repair
  7. Deck construction and repair
  8. Furniture assembly

1. Fixture Replacement

cabinet installer

If you’ve had your home for a while, fixtures will eventually need replacing or updating. Seniors are welcome to look for handyman services for seniors. Ultimately, you can expect a handyman to replace cabinets, lighting fixtures, and kitchen faucets. 

2. Drywall Installation and Repairs

Handymen can install new drywall during a home remodel. They can also patch holes, nail pops, or remove old wallpaper.

3. Painting of Interior and Exterior

If you want paint application on the interior and exterior, you will want the services of a handyman. You can also request them to update wood furniture, doors, ceilings, baseboards, and cupboards.

4. Tile installation

handyman installing tiles

Laying tile is an art. You will need a handyman who specializes in tile installation. Go to handyman services websites like EaseFix for professional tile installation quotes.

5. Power Washing

Handymen also specialize in power washing as it requires a special license. When you need power washing services, check out independent handyman services on EaseFix. We’ll hook you up with top-reviewed handymen for reliable power-washing jobs.

6. Window Repair

Many handymen also repair windows at a nominal fee. They can help to clean up broken glass, repair/replace window frames, and replace the window itself.

7. Furniture Assembly

flat pack furniture assembly

Handymen offer to assemble furniture like desks, beds, chairs, tables, shelves, and more. They can also mount TVs, install closet organizers, and hang mirrors and pictures.

What Jobs Do Handymen Do?

handyman repairing bathroom

Handymen perform a wide spectrum of jobs. This handyman services list does not include every type of job you can expect a handyman to handle. Apart from the above services, look at this handyman services list UK to see if any of the handymen on our platform can handle what you want to be done.

  1. Fixing faulty toilets
  2. Building and repairing fences
  3. Gardening – general maintenance and clearance
  4. Flat-pack furniture assembly
  5. Minor electrical work
  6. Light plumbing work
  7. Cutting the lawn
  8. Laying laminate flooring
  9. Laying bricks
  10. Decorating
  11. Small appliance repair
  12. Smart home upgrade installation
  13. Deck repairs

What Do Most Handymen Charge Hourly?

The average hourly rate for a handyman in Stockport is £30 or £160 a day and up to £40 or £180 a day. Before hiring a worker, you’ll want to check out various handyman services price lists.

Can A Handyman Do Landscaping?

A handyman can perform minor landscaping work like aerating and dethatching. However, if you need to lay new sod and fresh landscape, plant, fertilize, replant, and plan layout, hiring a professional landscaper is best.

What Skills Should A Handyman Have?

A handyman is considered a jack of all trades. However, they need to be great with tools, know how to use various chemicals, and learn general handyman services like stopping a runny toilet, plastering, carpentry, and repairing windows and doors, among others.

However, handymen or handywomen cannot handle jobs that require licenses, such as gas fitting and heating installations.


With this list in mind, you will know the type of jobs that you can leave to a handyman and those you need to call a licensed professional.