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20 Home Renovation Social Influencers Showcasing Their Handiwork


by W Malik

2022-11-14 08:32 AM

Home renovations are the best part of the year. After a lot of effort and mess, you manage to bring your home to life. The sense of newness and renewed surroundings are genuinely inspiring. Renovation brings happy vibes for your family and you spend more quality time there while enjoying the freshness of things surrounding you. The same designs and old-style interior often makes everything dull. Keeping your home aligned with new interior design trends is pleasing to the eyes but also helps in maintaining the sale value of your place. A few years back, we only had catalogues, magazines and pictures on the internet to get inspiration for home renovation and lifestyle trends. To honestly put, they were pretty expensive and hiring a handyperson was the preferred option. Since social media and its impact have grown, many social influencers have come to the forefront to help you bring innovative home décor ideas to concrete. Bringing your creativity to life would never have been so much easier. Social influencers can help you greatly with your home renovation process. They might help you find cost-effective methods and locate affordable stores to find the things you need to redo your home. If you are also looking for some inspirational ones, here is a list of the 20 best social influencers that will make your task a lot easier: ### Kyla Herbes: ![Kyla Herbes.jfif]( Kyla Herbes is a US-based social influencer who gives you modern techniques to style your home and existing accessories. She owns a wonderful platform named 'House of Hipster', which practically is a digital heaven for all interior design lovers. Her blog is all about designing and organizing tips which makes it helpful for both professionals and laypeople. Her work, which she primarily started as a hobby, has turned into a massive success. Many TV shows and magazines have recognized Herbes. Even the famous platform Pinterest hired her for Pin Factory. She loves browsing flea markets to find vintage marvels. You can find her impeccable work and seek inspiration through her social media handles on Instagram and Facebook. Do give her blog a visit for a daily dose of ideas. ### Jeff Thorman: ![Jeff Thorman.png]( Thorman is a professional contractor in the US, but he started teaching the skills and knowledge needed for home renovations to make it easier and accessible for everyone. He aims to help people with DIY ideas for home renovations. He teaches all the skills and empowers people to get professional results. His amazing blog, Home renovision DIY, is the place to get all the necessary information to help you redevelop your house affordably. Do not forget to visit Thorman's YouTube channels, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook accounts for easy home renovation ideas and tutorials. ### Nicole Pankopp: ![Nicole.jpg]( Nicole Pankopp is one of the most renowned home renovation social influencers. Her remarkable blog, 'Simply Aligned Home', is a visual treat for all who want to see their houses picture-perfect. She shares fantastic DIY ideas and tips to make your place more warm and comfortable. She aims to inspire people to get their hands dirty, try doing home renovations themselves, and make them more pocket-friendly. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook for daily inspirational posts. ### Julia Marcum: ![chris and julia.jpg]( If you are looking for a blog where you can feel at home and enjoy a familial vibe, 'Chris loves Julia' is the one you should visit. Run by a US-based social influencer, Julia Marcum, this home renovation blog is more of a love story. Their content is highly engaging and heartwarming. You are bound to have a loving experience as you go through their DIY tips and projects. You can check their amazing furniture items and hire them to help you transform your house into a perfect home. The lovable bond that Chris and Julia share is contagious; they motivate you to work with your spouse. ### Becky Wright (The Sorry Girls): ![Sorry Girls.jpg]( 'The Sorry Girls' is run by a group of proud Canadian girls. Their journey is remarkable, from living in the same dorm to evolving into a massive lifestyle blog. If you are wondering about their name, it is a reference to the kindest Canadian trait of being apologetic all the time. Becky Wright is one of the co-founders of the blog. She has a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Film and Media Production degree, which also led her to make The Sorry Girls YouTube channel full of creative ideas. Her aim is to motivate and empower women around the world and make them believe that there is nothing they can't do. ### Jenny Komenda: ![Jenny Komenda.jpg]( Jenny Komenda is a US based home renovation blogger, an artist, a print shop founder, a digital content creator, and an interior designer. She shares her home décor ideas, favourite household products and her choices related to home renovations on her site and other social media platforms. Moreover, her goal to provide affordable, designer-curated art led to the formation of her print shop. With over 15 years of experience in this field, Komenda's fan following is growing stronger every day as she never fails to amaze the audience with her notable work. ### Lauren Shaver: ![Lauren and Robert.jpg]( Lauren Shaver from the 'Bless'er House' aims at making you love your home. Whether you are looking for affordable renovation tips, room makeovers or home improvement techniques, you can find it all on their platform. Their inspirational interior designs are enough to compel you to opt for home renovations right away. Lauren's attention to detail, from furniture to the wall coats, makes her designs and blog so special. You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram to keep yourself updated about her upcoming projects. ### Erin Francois: ![Francois et Moi.jpg]( Erin François is an interior designer and DIY enthusiast. She is fond of modern interiors. With background knowledge of interior designing, she invests her creativity in making handmade modern décor pieces. Her belief is that imperfect art pieces add soul to your interior and create a relaxing environment. A touch of personalization through her handmade décor items will make your home more approachable and welcoming. Keep yourself updated about her amazing content through her Instagram and Facebook accounts. ### Kim & Scott: ![Kim and Scott.jpg]( Kim and Scott are an amazing couple from Chicago who have a mantra that 'every home deserves to be filled with love and be loved, too'. Transforming the old houses and renewing them with effort and love is what they document through their inspiring blog, 'Yellow Brick Home'. They are passionate about travelling and exploring new places. You can know all about their room makeover techniques and favourite shopping places through their blogs and social media handles. ### Justina Blakeney: ![Justina Blakeney.jpg]( If nature and living beings inspire you and you want to integrate them with your home's interior, Jungalow should be your go-to blog. Started by Justine Blakeney in 2009, it has become one of the most renowned lifestyle and home décor sites. Blakeney's décor website is all about the items that remind you of exotic jungles and animals. The playful patterns and colours will give your home a happy, warm vibe. Her product will also enable you to create the boo-ho chic interior of your place. You will not want to miss this for sure! ### Lisa Dawson: ![Lisa Dawson.jpg]( Lisa Dawson is among the most followed lifestyle social media influencers based in the UK. She is a blogger, content creator, writer and interior designer who loves renovating houses, travelling and cooking. Dawson is more enthusiastic about vintage interiors and focuses on adding your preferences and personality to your home. She tries her best to make it a happy place for you and your family. She is featured in many print and online publications and has received recognition for her unique sense of style. Visiting her website, Instagram, and Facebook account would be a great idea. ### Kate Watson-Smyth (Mad About the House): ![Kate Watson-Smyth.jpg]( Kate Watson-Smyth is an award-winning journalist from the UK who has been writing about home designs, properties, interiors, etc., for more than 20 years in national newspapers. She has worked with great media giants like The Guardian and The Telegraph. Her house, which she renovated using two rental flats, was featured in The Wall Street Magazine, Heart Home and Corriere Della Sera for its majestic transformation. Her blog has won multiple awards for unique content. You will learn to use unusual items to elevate your home's look. She wants you to 'Think of The Mad House as a sourcebook for modern living. ### Brad Rodriguez: ![Brad Rodriguez.jpg]( Wood is the most used material for home renovations, and Brad Rodriguez blog and YouTube channel are there to turn you into a skilled woodworker. He started his journey in 2002 in the US, which gave him the profound experience of working with wood. His site, Fix it Build, is full of content that can help you redo your cabinets, floors or furniture items all by yourself. His blog gives you ample knowledge to rebuild your home from scratch. ### Marc Spagnuolo: ![Marc Spagnuolo.jpg]( According to Marc, he has only two goals when it comes to his wood craft videos: 'I either want to teach you something or make you laugh". As he sounds, Marc is a friendly and highly learned woodworker, primarily self-taught, who runs an inspirational blog named Wood Whisperer. He started woodwork as a hobby but found the craft intriguing; he turned it into his career. He has also written a few books about the subject and his YouTube content, enabling you to make wooden items of your choice quite skillfully. You will surely not want to miss his amazing content. ### Jay Bates: ![Jay Bates.jpg]( Jay Bates online wood craft ventures are basically led by his thirst for DIY projects and the hope to explore unbound creativity. He believes that DIY allows you to do things your way and as per your convenience. His website is full of amazing content, and you can learn to make various modern and vintage furniture items. He invests his efforts in developing and documenting the ideas for his audience in his videos. ### Farah Merhi (Inspire Me Home Decor): ![Farah Merhi.jpg]( Farah Merhi, a social influencer from the US, is specifically known for her classic, unique and elegant taste when it comes to home decor. Her site 'Inspire Me' is filled with impressive home décor ideas and techniques. Merhi believes that everyone deserves a home where they can feel calm and relaxed. This notion has allowed her to come up with aesthetically appealing yet affordable décor items. She wants her audience to treat their home as a canvas and ooze their creativity anywhere. Her collection is all about glamour and warmth, making your house more lovable. ### Melanie Lissack: ![Melanie Lissack.jpg]( Lissack is a self-taught interior stylist from London. Her passion for home furnishing and renovations stemmed from her need to decorate her home in 2016. Earlier, her blog was all about budget-friendly ideas to redo your homes. However, gradually she has shifted to more like a 'give-it-a-go' approach. Lissack's love for DIY makes her content unique and applaudable. The pop of colour in her interior design is what distinguished her from the other influencers. ### Christine & Jan (Little House in the Corner): ![Christine & Jan.jpg]( Christine and Jan are another famous couples who have fallen in love with home improvements, renovation and innovative interior designs. Their blog' Little House in the Corner' is all about motivating you to make your homes look welcoming and visually appealing while staying on budget. They share the knowledge they have gathered over the years on their social media platforms and the site. You will undoubtedly find their real-life experiences helpful as you embark on the journey of transforming your house into a relaxing sanctuary. ### Francesca Stone (Fall For DIY): ![Francesca Stone.jpg]( After getting a degree in textile design, Stone started her bead shop in her hometown Birmingham. Sadly it didn't survive, but it did give her an undying love for creation. She loves sharing new techniques and tips for DIY home renovation projects on her exceptional blog 'Fall for DIY'. Her ideas are highly affordable and practical. Her content will make your life a lot easier when it comes to styling your house. ### John & Sherry (Young House Love): ![John & Sherry.jpg]( A couple of blogs are the best when we are looking for home renovation ideas since they have that familial vibe and lovable bond that we hope to have in our homes. Likewise, John and Sherry's Young house love is all about sharing ideas to decorate your house. They prefer the idea of living in smaller houses since maintenance is always handy. Their DIY tutorials and tips are a treat for the eyes and give you an amazing range of innovative ways to transform your space into a modern home.