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How Much Does It Typically Cost to Hire a Gardener

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by Agnes Fisher

2022-12-16 08:00 AM

In summer, you spend a lot of time in your garden to escape daily life. Kids and pets can play while their owners socialize. A beautiful garden will also help you sell your property faster and for more money. 

Care for your garden throughout the year is crucial, so you may need to hire a gardener. We provide an overview of average gardener costs in the UK, whether you need help with a major redesign or want to ensure you don't fall behind on your regular maintenance. 

If you're planning a major garden makeover or regular maintenance, Easefix can help you find credible gardeners near you. 

This blog post talks about some estimations on how much it could cost to avail of gardening services. You may find gardening service pricing, facts, and helpful hints in this price guide.

Gardening Services


Let's evaluate some differences between a gardener and a landscape gardener and their respective responsibilities and expertise in a bit more depth. 

There is some overlap between the services provided by landscapers and gardeners, but you should generally hire the right professional for the task at hand. Listed below are some of the most often requested services from either:

  • Maintenance of outdoor spaces by pulling weeds, cutting the grass, and pruning shrubs and bushes
  • Growing or removing trees and replacing them with flower beds
  • To create, keep up, or fix ponds and other water features
  • New patio construction, deck installation, and floor repairs and maintenance
  • Major construction tasks include erecting new sheds or summer cottages, setting up arches, erecting custom-built structures, and erecting fencing

How Much Would A Gardener Cost in UK?

Following is an overview of average gardening costs in the UK: -

Garner Type


Cost Range + VAT

Average Cost


Per day

£150 - £200



Per hour

£15 - £45


Landscape Gardener

Per project (small – medium job)

£250 - £2,500


Landscape Gardener

Per day

£180 - £280











  • gardener's cost would be around £200 per day. 
  • Garden landscaping cost would be nearly £280 per day. 

Gardening Cost Considerations

Consider these aspects to get a ballpark figure for the price of any service you need. On the other hand, the overall cost will rise if there is anything that lengthens the amount of time needed to perform the task. 

  • The price of gardening services, such as mowing the lawn or pruning the hedges, varies depending on the property's size. 
  • For instance, larger gardens typically have more expensive lawns and hedges due to their sheer size. The time required may vary depending on whether you need many weeds and bushes removed or just need your grass mowed. Also, think about how much things like fencing will set you back. 
  • It may cost more because more time and effort will be needed to get to any parts of your garden that are hard to get to. For a higher price, you can get a better result from a gardener with more experience. 
  • Know exactly what you want as a final product. Hedge maintenance costs might vary widely depending on whether you want it kept in its natural form or transformed into a work of art.

Distinctions Between A Gardener And A Landscaper

landscaper replacing turf

The kind and scope of the work performed is the primary distinction between the two careers. 

  • Maintenance of lawns and flower beds, as well as the painting of fences and digging new ones, are just a few examples of gardeners' tasks. 
  • Installing a new patio, laying decking, or constructing a summer house from the ground up are all tasks that landscape gardeners tackle. When you hire a landscaper, they can help you design large-scale projects, locate utility lines and pipes, and coordinate with local businesses to get the job done.
  • Due to the interconnected nature of gardening's many components, no single expert may be considered more vital than any other.

Costs per hour for a Gardener 

Your gardener may charge you per hour, depending on the scope of the work (especially for smaller jobs). 

Depending on the gardener's experience and the nature of the job, an hourly cost of roughly £30 is common. 

Landscaping Cost Estimations

Knowing the specifics of the gardening tasks you need to be completed will help you determine how much you can expect to pay a professional gardener. This is because different gardening tasks are sometimes paid at varying rates, depending on their complexity or the need for specialized equipment. 

Time is another consideration, as most gardeners have hourly or daily pay depending on the project size. 

Also, it's important to find out how many gardeners will be needed because that will affect the price. 

A garden landscaping cost may be charged by the hour or by the project. 

The typical Garden landscaping cost is £280+ per day or £1,400+ for the entire job.

The complexity of Gardening Services

beautiful landscape with patio

Garden landscaping refers to various tasks with varying degrees of complexity. 

It is feasible to do smaller services like lawn mowing and hedge cutting on your own, but keep in mind that unless you have a lot of practice, the results will likely not compare to those of a professional. 

Installation of a patio, for instance, is famously challenging since it must have solid foundations, or it will wind up uneven and provide a tripping hazard to you and your loved ones.

Structures are another task of specialised nature. If they are not completed to a competent quality, they may collapse, causing harm to anybody unfortunate enough to be in their path. 

As a result, we advise that you seek the services of a professional to ensure your safety and prevent any potential mishaps or property loss. 

Use Easefix for gardening services tailored specifically to your needs. 

Summary Points from the Gardening Cost

  • There is a distinction between gardeners and landscape gardeners. 
  • Your gardener may charge you by the hour, the day, or the job. 
  • There is a wide range of motivations to beautify and maintain your outdoors.
  • The total cost of gardening will depend on factors like the amount of time required and the dimensions of the garden. 
  • Attempting huge tasks without help is quite risky.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I hire a gardener in UK?

You may search online business directories to find reliable gardening services. Look for gardening services near you on homeowner apps like Easefix.

2. What does a gardener cost per hour in the UK?

A gardener's hourly rate can range from £12 to £60, with the average being around £25. The going rate for a gardener in the United Kingdom is £75 - £400 per day, with an average of about £200.

3. What should I know to find a gardener in my area?

Here are some tips for finding a local gardener near you.

  • Before hiring a gardener, you should get informed about your needs.
  • Verify their experience by reading testimonials from satisfied clients.
  • Find out what services your neighborhood gardeners offer by asking them questions.
  • Gather numerous gardener quotations and compare prices and turnaround times on apps like Easefix.

4. When should a gardener visit?

Most homeowners prefer a weekly, biweekly, or monthly visit from the gardener. Garden clean-up and hedge maintenance are two examples of the kinds of services that could fall under this category. Some people sometimes use a yearly contract for this purpose.