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What Do Domestic Cleaners Do, And How Much Do They Charge?

Lee Anderson

by W.Malik

2022-10-07 01:43 PM

A clean, organised home is important if one wants to be mentally and physically healthy. But maintaining a clean and organised house can be time-consuming and effort-taking. That is where a domestic cleaner comes in handy! Domestic cleaners will tidy up your house in order, so you have less to worry about. Not only do they clean your home, but they provide so many services from which you can choose. If you are a newbie considering hiring a domestic house cleaner but unsure what to expect, this blog is for you! 

What is a Domestic Cleaner?

domestic cleaners in a home

A domestic cleaner is a person who cleans and helps with daily chores that you do not have time to do! They can help you dust or clean up after a party, dinner or breakfast! If you want to book a cleaner in Oldham while you sit in the comfort of your sofa, then EaseFix can help! Just write the job description and find a professional cleaner to do it! 

What are The Three Types of Cleaning?

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There are three types of cleaning services that domestic cleaners can provide: 

Regular Cleaning 

Regular cleaning mostly takes up to two or three hours. In regular cleaning, the cleaners might dust all surfaces and decorations. They may also vacuum carpets, mop floors, clean bathrooms, change bedding, and clean the kitchen. You should go for regular cleaning if you have a small apartment or flat. 

Deep Cleaning 

Deep cleaning is a more thorough cleaning service than the regular one! To deep clean your house, the domestic cleaners might move your furniture around to clean up every last speck of dirt and dust! If you have a large place or pets, it is plausible to go for deep cleaning occasionally. 

End of Tenancy Cleaning 

When tenants vacate the rented place, they must get it cleaned if they want to have their security fees. Finding the end of tenancy cleaning service in Oldham can be challenging. If you are looking for one, let EaseFix help you with that!

What Do Domestic Cleaners Do?

domestic house cleaner

Domestic cleaners can make the life of homeowners more comfortable as they do the dirty work for them! They may help you in completing daily chores. They clean your windows, carpets, floors, bathrooms, kitchen and electronic appliances like ovens, television, and air conditioners! Domestic cleaners will clean every inch of your home, so you will not have to worry about the cobwebs on your ceiling! 

Here are some of the services that domestic cleaning includes: 

  1. Vacuuming carpeted areas 
  2. Mopping tiles or other hard floors 
  3. Dusting all surfaces and ornaments 
  4. Cleaning the kitchen and its equipment 
  5. Cleaning bathrooms, sinks, and toilets 
  6. Changing beddings 
  7. Washing dishes 
  8. Washing and folding laundry 
  9. Decluttering unwanted items 
  10. Tidying all the places after relocating furniture 

If your house is in awful condition and requires a lot of cleaning, consider going for deep cleaning services. Find a deep cleaning service provider through EaseFix to ensure your home gets clean, tidy, and germ-free. Also, by adding a job description, you can choose the chores you require from the domestic cleaners. This way, you can also control what sort of chores domestic cleaners might undertake. 

How Much Does Domestic Cleaning Cost?

There are a few factors that determine the costs of domestic cleaning services. Your cleaning cost will depend upon the services you require, the size of your property, and the city you live in. If you live in a big city like London, you may have to pay more for domestic cleaning. Also, different agencies have various rate charts! To find a professional and affordable domestic cleaner, use EaseFix now! 

How Much is A Cleaner Per Hour in the UK? 

The average domestic cleaning rate you may face in the big cities of the UK like London and its surrounding areas is around £15-20 /hour. In the rest of the UK, you may pay domestic cleaners around £10-15 /hour. 

Wrapping Up

The requirement of house owners can determine what domestic cleaners should do. This means that you can decide what sort of cleaning services you need! Hiring professional cleaners is always better, as they provide bespoke services to ensure your home stays in tip-top condition. If you are looking for a domestic cleaner near you, EaseFix can be your working partner. Post your job, receive bids, and choose the domestic cleaner that fits your requirements and budget!