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What are window cleaning services, and how much should I pay?

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by Avery Clark

2022-10-07 01:43 PM

Over time, pollution and dirt accumulate on your windows, obstructing your views and blocking natural sunlight, so it's imperative to clean your windows to make them radiant. It is harmful if impurities like grit and salt accumulate on your windows. Choosing professional window cleaners to keep your windows squeaky clean is worth considering! If you need experienced domestic window cleaners, you can find one through Easefix! 

What are the Basic Types of Window Cleaning?

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The four basic types of window cleaning are as follows: 

  1. Traditional Window Cleaning
  2. Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning 
  3. Mobile Elevated Platforms 
  4. Abseil window cleaning 

Traditional Window Cleaning 

Traditional methods are always quick and easy. It is the cheapest method for windows that have been used for decades. It's less time-consuming, cost-effective, and, best of all, processes. The experienced window cleaners will help you clean window panes, grills, sills, and frames. 

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning 

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning is a modern and innovative method for window cleaning. It is a preferred technique for cleaning higher commercial and retail purposes. This method is highly effective for commercial facades and leaves the windows pristine. 

Mobile Elevated Window Cleaning 

It is dangerous for cleaners to climb ladders and wash windows, so mobile elevation is the cost-effective and safest alternative for window cleaning. It has a different uplighting mechanism that the management operates and controls. Easefix can help you to find affordable window cleaners near you! 

Abseil Window Cleaning 

This method connects the ropes with the window cleaners, so they can effortlessly ascend and descend, switching from rope to rope to traverse your building. It is also known as rope access window cleaning. 

What are the Basic Services of Window Cleaning?

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Some of the necessary window cleaning services are: 

  1. Hard water stains 
  2. Glass windows and doors cleaning 
  3. Exterior window cleaning 
  4. Interior windows cleaning 

Hard Water Stains 

The hard water stains are problematic for windows because they look gross. The windows get stained because the hard water is ionised and contains minerals and calcium. Professional window cleaners can remove these pigments and ensure your window is stainless. 

Glass Windows and Doors Cleaning 

Though glass windows and doors have a long lifespan, they may get dirty because of smudges and fingerprints. You can keep your windows sparkling with professional glass cleaners as they ensure they are clean and clear. 

Interior windows 

Cleaning the window interiors is often neglected due to the business of life. But one should not forget to clean their windows, grills, frames, patios, and edges internally if they want to look outside and see clearly without streaks. If you are tired of the dust, stains, and streaks of your interior windows, you can hire professional cleaners via Easefix and get the cleaning services done at affordable prices in Oldham! 

Exterior Windows 

Are you irritated by the dirt, scratches, smears, and stains on your glass facade? Then It is the right time to get exterior window cleaning services. You can find traditional and commercial window cleaners for your office, buildings, homes, and other properties through Easefix. 

How Much Should I Pay to Clean my Windows?

The average window cleaning rate in the UK is around £20 to £50 per hour. 

What is The Best Thing to Clean a Window?

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For window cleaning, professional cleaners use different processes, such as deionisation and reverse osmosis. They also purify water from several resins and filtration processes. There are various tools to clean a window, such as: 

  1. Detergent 
  2. Broom 
  3. Vacuum Cleaner 
  4. Dishwashing liquid 
  5. White Vinegar 
  6. Squeegee 
  7. Magnetic Window Cleaner 
  8. Mop & a bucket
  9. Extended Wiper 
  10. Telescopic pole 
  11. Strip washer 
  12. Water-fed poles 
  13. Ladder 
  14. Lint cloth 
  15. Rubber gloves 

How Often Should Windows Be Cleaned? 

Window cleaning through professionals should be done once or twice a year because washing and cleaning your windows can eliminate bacteria so that you can live a healthy life. 

How Do You Clean the Outside Windows From the Inside?

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You can use different tools to clean the windows from the inside. If you want to DIY, use water and distilled white vinegar to clean the dirty area. One more solution is the mixture of hot water and vinegar, and try to clean your windows with a dry and clean cloth. 

Wrap Up! 

Many homeowners choose professional cleaning once or twice a year because the ugly appearance of dirty windows could put off anyone visiting their home. Professional cleaners will clean windows, blinds, grills, shutters, frames, and glass doors. Additionally, grimy and dusty windows can ruin your mental and physical health. If you are looking for trustworthy window cleaners, Easefix is the best platform to help you find the perfect one!