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How to Estimate the Cost of Junk Removal for a Home or Business

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by Jack Adams

2023-05-24 11:01 AM

Bulky wastes and household junk accumulate during home improvement projects and must be hauled away. If you decide to clean out your garage or shed, let alone your living room or kitchen, you may end up with a large amount of trash that needs to be removed.

This article discusses the estimations for junk removals cost, the factors that influence this cost, ways to save costs, and how find a rubbish removal service.

How Much Does?

Rubbish removal cost

The cost of waste removal per ton and waste clearing will differ from one location in the UK to another and from one form of trash to another.

Most bulky wastes collection services will charge you either by the van load, in cubic yards, or by the weight of the rubbish they collect. Below is a table that estimates how much it will cost to have a van load of trash hauled away.

The final rubbish removal cost will be determined by the waste collection provider you select and how they assess the value of your trash.

  • If it takes longer for workers to put the trash into the van, the company will likely charge an extra £10 to £15 for their services.
  • A basic load of waste removal (100 kg) is anticipated to cost between £50-£70.
  • Estimated costs range from £90 to £100 for a quarter load (200 to 300 kilograms) of trash.
  • The going rate for a garbage vehicle with a half load (between 500 and 700 kilograms) is around £150 to £170.
  • Costs between £200 and £250 are predicted for loading and removing a three-quarter load (800 to 900 kilograms) of trash.
  • The expected fee for a full load (1,000 to 1,200 kilograms) is £270 to £290.

The cost of waste removal for specific trash should also be factored in. Mattress, refrigerator, and television set removal, for instance, could each incur separate charges of £15 to £50, depending on the company, item's size, and weight. 

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What Factors Contribute to the Price of Trash Pickup and Waste Disposal?

The final waste removal price list may depend on a variety of factors. Most typical observations are examined below for your consideration: -

The Amount of Garbage or Waste Produced

If you aren't sure how much rubbish or waste you have, you can ask the company to do a site inspection and give you advise on the amount and cost of removals.

  • Quantity of rubbish or waste is the determining factor in junk removal cost.
  • If a service charge by the vanload, then the amount of trash you have rather than its weight will be the determining factor in your bill.
  • If you have a lot of trash, you may need to hire more workers to help you load it into the vehicles. Garbage collection can end up being more expensive as a result.
  • The going rate for a vanload of trash (1,000 to 1,200 kilograms) is around £270 to £290.

The Nature of the Garbage or Waste Produced

Before deciding on a business to dispose of your trash, this is something else to consider.

Building waste, brickwork, garden garbage, furniture, mattresses, refrigerators, televisions, and many other things can all be considered trash or unused household items.

Due to the potential difficulty in moving, storing, and disposing of such objects, some waste and rubbish removal firms may charge a premium. The cost of removing various types of common trash is broken out in the table below.


The typical cost to haul away a television set is between £15 and £20.

The cost to haul away a standard upright refrigerator is around £35.

The cost to dispose of a single bed mattress is estimated at £10–£15, while that of a double bed mattress is put at £20–£25.

The proper disposal of chemical, raw meat, oil, or medical waste requires specialized training and equipment, so you'll need to hire a professional if you have any of these types of trash.

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Quantity of Garbage or Waste

It is more common to be charged by the weight of the material than the volume if you need to move big goods like bricks or building debris.

It's likely going to cost you more to dispose of your trash if it weighs more than the average. It may take more time and effort on the part of the waste removal service, and they may need to bring in specialized trucks to properly dispose of the trash.

You should estimate slightly higher costs if you're planning to remove heavier materials.

Comparing a Local Business to a National Chain

The final cost of garbage removal can be affected by whether or not you choose with a national chain or an individual junk hauler.

Larger companies with huge operations may charge a bit higher due to their established name and higher overhead charges they have to incur on maintaining larger infrastructure. Also, due to expanded operations they might not be able to focus on certain areas, especially if they are suburban or rural areas.

Whereas local companies can offer comparatively better rates and focused service due to a relative smaller area of operation. 

Cost-Effective Ways To Clear Your Home's Trash

  • You could take a car to a dump and dispose of the trash yourself if you're physically able to do so and/or if you have willing friends or family members who can assist you. 
  • Hiring a rubbish removal service could be unnecessary if you do this.
  • Spending less on labor will be a side effect of putting the trash that needs to be hauled away at a convenient location.
  • In order to determine which option is most cost-effective, comparing bids from rubbish removal and skip hire businesses is a smart move.

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Is a Skip or Rubbish Removal Company Cheaper?

Depends on what kind of trash you want to be removed, the ease with which you can do it inside your home, and your own preferences.

Hiring a skip for a week in the United Kingdom can cost anywhere from £90 to £340, depending on the size of the skip and the duration of the rental. It's also more expensive to rent a skip in London, where prices range from £130 to £390 a week, depending on its size.

Aside from the price of the skip itself, there may be other fees, such as those associated with acquiring a necessary permit.

In contrast, waste collection service is relatively cheaper and more convenient.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the cost of business waste removal?

Recycled garbage is priced at £91 per tonne, with a £18.20 minimum fee for up to 200kg.

2. How much does clearing out a garage cost?

The cost of hiring professionals to clear out your garage will vary depending on how many items need to be disposed of. The cost of the clearance will typically range from £70 to £300.

3. How can I remove garbage from my residence?

Either call a skip service or hire rubbish removal professionals. A skip would not be the ideal choice if you are environment-conscious because they take everything straight to the landfill. Skips take a lot of time because you have to do everything by yourself. If you need a local waste removal service, consider the best options available at Easefix.

4. How much garbage is one ton?

The most popular unit of weight measurement for waste products is the ton, which weighs 2,000 pounds.