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How To Find A Reliable Electrician?

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by George Knight

2022-11-24 01:01 PM

Home theatre, gaming consoles, and digital home networks are the most significant aspects of our modern lifestyle. Yet, some of the most substantial and essential home elements aren't always visible.

The mainboard that perches in the corner of a house, the wiring behind the walls, and the solar system on the roof are all critical in enabling your visible electrical infrastructure to run smoothly. 

The implications of not using a certified electrician to install, service, or repair these components can collapse everything else. To this end, an imminent fire is inevitable if the wiring is faulty. 

The invisible electrical infrastructure should thus be handled by an electrically competent person who has completed proper training. They can perform regular health checks and maintenance of the invisible electrical system at your home. With one of the riskiest tasks to perform at home being electrical work, the consequences of hiring the wrong person can be tragic.

This article provides a brief guide on how to find a reliable electrician for all your electrical needs. Keep reading for relevant information!

Why Do I Need A Licensed Electrician?

electrician with electrical equipment

You should check your electrical wiring, cables, and outlets every three to five years. Landlords have the right to check their properties once a tenancy has ended.

Electrical systems in commercial and industrial buildings need more frequent inspections. More energy consumption leads to faster degradation and failure of the electrical grid. 

If you need an electrician in the UK, go no further than Easefix. Our licensed electricians can handle all the electrical work for your home remodel.

How A Licensed Electrician Ensures Your Safety

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Although wiring appears straightforward at first glance, it is a complex system with many interconnected nodes. In the event of a poorly built circuit, appliance motors and electronic components might be harmed by incorrect current delivery. It is possible for lights on partly overloaded circuits to fluctuate when equipment is running or for the splitter to trip. The fuse can also blow, completely shutting the circuit. Avoiding these problems is as easy as letting Easefix find an electrician for you.

Electricians Can Be Project Specific

electrical installation

Electricians focus on different projects, such as new construction, commercial, or residential, while others travel from job to job fixing various electrical problems. 

Wiring an existing home or an addition is a typical remodelling project. It involves navigating wires through finished walls and determining if a new service panel (the location of the circuit breakers) is necessary to accommodate the added load.

If your builder doesn't know a good electrician, the local home builders' organization or a specialized home remodelling company like Easefix can help you find one. 

There are a plethora of home improvement service-booking apps available for use today. Easefix lets you compare prices and services. You can provide Easefix with the specifics of your situation so we can find a good local electrician to help you.

You can determine if you’re looking at reputable electricians by reading reviews and asking questions. Now that you’ve looked at available electrician, the next stage is hiring. Before settling on a professional electrician to handle the upkeep and repair of your home's electrical system, here are some things to consider.

Things to Check Before You Hire An Electrician

electrician testing an electrical board

If you're interviewing a potential electrician, check his license and proof of insurance. If everything else checks out, it's go ahead and look into references and prior employers.

  • They adhere to BS7671 safety regulations.
  • Their work is routinely evaluated
  • Because they are insured, you are safe.
  • It is mandated by law for some electrical work.
  • Please make sure the task you want to be done is clear, and unless it's simple, get at least three written quotes.
  • Verify the electrician's registration with a program that has received government approval.
  • Check the electrician's public liability insurance coverage, which should be at least £2 million, and ask for references.

In order to streamline the estimate process and ensure that both you and your electrician have a clear record of what has been agreed upon, we advise you to provide your electrician with a written explanation of the work needed. 

  • It's simple to compare quotes.
  • The electrician will be aware of all necessary work.
  • Any special instructions will be sent to the electrician in advance.
  • If there is more than one way to complete the work you need, the electrician can provide you with options.
  • Once a quote has been accepted, you can ask the electrician to sign the summary to show you've agreed on everything.
  • Since everyone is aware of the sequence, it may help to prevent a disagreement.

Essential Things to Check before hiring an electrician

1. Verify His License 

Use a licensed electrician whenever you need an electrical repair done in your home. 

Verify if the person is a registered member of a program that has received government approval. If something goes wrong, you will have more protections if you hire a registered electrician. To verify the person's registration, contact the program directly.

2. Verify Documentation

Some people are embarrassed to ask a potential tradesperson about their qualifications. Still, if you are dealing with a tradesperson who refuses to provide you with proof of their training and registration, this could be a red flag. 

So, it is crucial to verify the documentation your electrician provides you.

3. Testimonials from Past Clients

Ask a potential hire for references from satisfied clients if you have any doubts. Ask these referees to describe their work and their level of satisfaction with it.

4. Verify Even If an Electrician Is Indirectly Involved in Your Home Renovation Project

An electrician is frequently needed for specific tasks when you hire a builder or kitchen fitter to work on your property. 

But do you know whether the electrician they chose qualifies for the position? 

It's simple to anticipate that the responsible tradesman will verify credentials and registration. But don't rely on luck; request evidence of everyone's competence for yourself.

5. Comply with Construction Laws

If you're considering doing any electrical work in your house, be sure it complies with the local building codes. If it occurs, you should hire an electrician who is a member of a government-approved scheme so they can handle everything and notify your local authority before work begins.

Scotland's building regulations are different from those in England and Wales. Although there are no building regulations for household electrical work in Northern Ireland, using a qualified electrician is still advised.

How are Easefix Electricians different?

electrician worker

Selecting a reliable electrical contractor is crucial for the success of any commercial or residential building project. If you search on Google, you will get numerous businesses that claim to be the most trustworthy. Is there a way to ascertain who the best electrician is? After these processes, you may be sure the electricians are top-notch. Choosing the right electrician ensures a successful and safe project. Here is how Easefix electricians are different from the rest on the market.

Safety first

Working with electricity involves particular concerns. Thus, Easefix prioritizes safety. Our SOPs guarantee the safety of your electrical appliances and building inhabitants. We document installation, repairs, and maintain security to helps us understand client needs and anticipate service needs.

Fostering Relationships

Electricians can do things that residential and business users need every day. Easefix offers various services that make it easier for long-term relationships to work together and help each other. It builds up confidence and trust levels in our valuable clients.

Competitive Prices

Easefix stands for customer satisfaction. We ensure customers get value for their money with our excellent services. It helps foster long-term professional relationships between the clients and the service provider.

Our difference:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Flexible appointment times
  • Safety 
  • Certified professional electricians

In particular, we can expand to meet the needs of new customers. Installations are completed with the possibility of future expansion or modification in mind.


Home electrical equipment must work reliably and without incident to ensure the homeowner's safety and comfort. Due to the inherent dangers, attempting a do-it-yourself approach with electricity may not be the greatest decision. Technical expertise is required for inspection, testing, installation, and repair. Therefore, it's recommended that you consult a qualified electrician.

Easefix is there to help you with any electrical emergency. Given the significance of energy in today's society, we go to considerable lengths to guarantee a steady flow to your house. As a result, our licensed electricians are available 24/7 to assist you during any electrical emergency. With the tap of a button, the Easefix app connects you to qualified electricians who can assist with any home repair you could encounter.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How soon can you arrive?

It varies per the nature of the problem. If the required electrical work requires parts to be procured from the local market, our electrician will check their availability first. If parts are readily available, we will deploy an electrician immediately. In case of some procurement issue, we will schedule an appointment that is convenient for you.

2. Do you charge separately for a follow-up visit?

The repair cost that requires two visits from the electrician will not be any more than the cost of a repair that can be completed in one. You'll pay the standard appliance repair prices for parts and labour plus a one-time diagnostic fee.

3. What options do I have for paying?

You can pay by cash, checks, or major debit cards.

4. Who pays to fix the appliances? The landlord or the tenant?

Please get in touch with our help centre to get more information about our policy.