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How to Find the Best Laminate Floor Fitters for Your Home


by Sophia

2022-12-17 12:30 PM

Putting up wood flooring is an excellent investment for any home. A laminate floor not only adds instant coziness to any space but is also very functional, simple to clean, and comfortable to walk, sit, and play on. 

Beautiful wood flooring installed by professional floor fitters can increase the value of your home. Installing solid wood flooring requires specialized knowledge and equipment.

A professional floor fitter is out there, and we'll help you find them. In this article, we'll cover the most frequently asked concerns we receive involving wood flooring, as well as provide advice on how to find the best laminate floor fitters for your needs and budget.

The following are four key considerations when selecting a solid wood floor installer.

1. Check Fitters' Credentials And Memberships

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As with any service provider, it's perfectly acceptable to inquire about your laminated floor fitter's experience, training, and certifications. 

Look at their website to check if they are members of any trade organizations, such as the National Institute of Carpet and Floor layers (NICF) or the Flooring Industry Training Association (FITA). 

There is no pressure to join, but if you're looking for a reliable tradesperson who operates to particular standards, membership is a fantastic place to start. Membership or affiliation with a trade body gives you satisfaction about a fitter's credentials, and Easefix can help you find certified floor fitters in your area.

2. Read Reviews

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You should read reviews of potential laminated floor fitting services just like you would do for any other online purchase. You'll see testimonials on their website, but only the most positive ones will make the cut. 

Check for reviews written within the past six months on unbiased websites. You may read their reviews on the Easefix profile or any other credible homeowner app.

3. Do They Offer Free Inspection

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See if you can get a free estimate from the laminated floor fitters. Don't trust a person who gives you a quote for a survey. A good floor fitter will happily address your concerns and provide specific recommendations for your floor during the no-cost inspection. 

If you're purchasing the flooring on your own, they can also advise you on how much to order. 

4. Compare At Least Three Quotes

get a quote written on paper

Compare at least three different quotes for floor fitter cost. It's crucial to gather multiple quotes that are directly comparable. 

Guarantee that all quoted prices account for time, effort, and tax. The laminate floor fitter should mention the tasks to be accomplished in the quote. 

Examine the job descriptions as well. Knowledgeable floor installers will detail the scope of the work and the associated expenses in a detailed written estimate. Those who can't explain things simply and clearly shouldn't be trusted.

The fitter should provide an outline of tasks to be done in the following manner:

  • Is the removal and disposal of the old flooring part of their service or will you have to handle it yourself?
  • Will they do clearing up after furniture removal, or will you do it?
  • Will they remove skirting boards, get rid of them and make replacements?
  • Some installers will request that you do the necessary prep work before they arrive, while others will offer to help for an additional fee.

Laminated Floor Fitters: What To Expect?

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If you need laminate flooring fitting work done, use a professional floor fitter. When you hire a laminated floor fitter, they will do the following: 

  • First, they'll inspect the subfloor, floor height, and skirting. They will also discuss your specifications and whether your wood flooring is doable. 
  • Next, measure the space and calculate the flooring needs. Wood flooring dealers know wholesalers and can recommend installation. 
  • The space is then readied for use. In some cases, fixtures, doors, and floors may need removal. 
  • The wood flooring installer will recommend a subfloor, damp-proof membrane, or underlay if needed, and whether to nail, glue, or install it as a floating floor. 
  • You'll need to settle on a flooring installation plan, such as herringbone, lengthwise, or crosswise. 
  • A reputable floor fitter will check the completed floor for evenness in the installation and provide instructions for maintaining the floor.

Floor Fitter Cost

costs on a written paper

Installing a wood floor can cost anywhere from £100 - £200 per day, depending on factors including the square footage of the space, how complicated the job is, and the type of wood used.

Installing a laminate floor is far more affordable than a herringbone wood floor. 

Estimates in the range of the actual costs: 

  • Laminate Flooring fitting - around $25 per square foot 
  • herringbone installation - approximately £80 per square meter 

A reliable wood floor installer will include both the price of the materials (if they are supplying them) and the labour cost in their estimate. Any other materials, including floor screening, might be included in the quoted price. 

Wood flooring prices can be challenging to estimate without a site inspection but often run between £1,000 and £1,500+. 

Wood floor fitters can be found on the Easefix, and you may contact them for an inspection of the area, talk to you about flooring alternatives, and quote their price.

Imperatives Of A Good Wood Flooring?

 male hands installing laminate floor
  • The success of new wood flooring hinges on how well it is prepared. 
  • The subfloor must be clean, dry, even, and free of dirt before a flooring installer may begin work. 
  • When installing engineered wood flooring, a professional fitter should recommend positioning the planks such that the grain runs in the direction of the room's natural light source. 
  • If there are any significant knots in the wood, it could be advisable to put them along the room's perimeter rather than in the middle. 
  • A professional who has previously installed wooden floors can advise you on this.
  • Your doors will open smoothly and look great if the wood floor installer takes the time to carefully fit the flooring around the door frames
  • If you want your floor to look polished and professional, they will also make sure it is flush with the skirting and any fitted furniture. 
  • The undersides of your furniture can be protected from scratching your wood floors by using felt pads, and rugs and mats can be placed in high-traffic areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Which laminate flooring is durable?

Generally speaking, laminate flooring with AC4 or AC5 ratings is the most durable type. If the floor has achieved such high ratings, it must be extremely resistant to scratches.

2.   How much does laminate flooring installation cost in the UK?

Walnut laminate costs approximately $30 to $60 per square meter, including supplies and labor, and Oak laminate costs between £30 and £80 per square meter. Laying laminate maple flooring ranges from £35 to £105 per square meter.

3. Does laminate flooring necessitate an underlayment? 

Yes. Without pre-attached underlay on your flooring planks, you will need to purchase separate laminate underlay for your project. The additional layer of padding offers a variety of advantages, preserving your new floor from damage. This will dramatically improve the appearance, texture, and general performance of your new flooring.

4.   Which flooring material—tile or laminate—has a lower installation cost?

Laminate costs less per square foot than tile.