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How To Hire A Trusted Gas Engineer? Everything You Need To Know!

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by Agnes Fisher

2022-12-16 10:39 AM

A gas engineer is an expert in appliances running on natural gas or LPG. Gas service engineers install, maintain, and repair gas equipment such as gas stoves, gas fireplaces, cookers, boilers, central heating systems, and related pipelines, meters, and power supplies in homes and businesses. This post discusses some easy steps to find a trustworthy gas engineer near you.

Why Employ A Qualified Gas Engineer Service?

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It is difficult but not impossible to find competent gas engineers who are both qualified and affordable. You can find a trustworthy tradesperson by asking the correct questions. Following are a few aspects to ensure you hire the right person for the job.

  1.  Gas Safe Certification Insurance 
  2.  Credentials
  3.  Compare Quotes 
  4.  Customer References or Reviews
  5. Cost

Let us look at them one by one.

1. Gas Safe Certification

engineer writing a Gas Safe Certificate

Gas-safe certification is a crucial consideration when searching for a gas engineer. Inquire for paperwork proving that they are Gas Safe-registered and have completed the necessary training to work as a gas engineer. They should also have their gas safety certificate to prove their training is complete and they can deal with any potential emergencies. Only a certified expert will likely have the necessary installation and repair skills.

2. Insurance

young man showing insurance policy

You should inquire about the type of insurance coverage the service provider has in case of a catastrophic accident. If the engineer you're considering is unwilling to provide copies of their bonds and insurance policies, you should go elsewhere.

3. Credentials

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In the unfortunate event that you are given a shoddy installation after hiring your shortlisted expert, you may have difficulty locating them if they do not have a registered phone number and office address. You can't always count on people's cell phone numbers because they're subject to change. So, select a tradesperson with a registered office and phone number.

4. Compare Quotes

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Modern platforms provide the option to get instant quotes. You may shortlist local gas engineers by comparing the quotes from different service provider apps and choosing the one that suits you well while also considering other factors.

5. Customer Reviews

person pushing button for five star rating

Just like you would with any other expert, you should examine a gas engineer's reputation before hiring them. Determine the quality of the engineer by looking at their reviews.

Easefix and other vendors' websites feature customer reviews of gas engineers.

You may select the gas engineer who seems to have satisfied clients, as shown by the plenty of beautiful testimonials.

6. Cost

British Pounds

In terms of employing an engineer, you should expect to pay in line with their standing and skill level.

The expense of any home improvement project deserves top consideration. In general, you should avoid a service provider who offers ridiculously low pricing. You should know the gas engineering hourly rate before employing the service provider for your job.

Why book a Gas Engineer?

So, it's difficult, but not impossible, to find gas engineering experts who are both qualified and affordable. If you need assistance with gas installation, regular maintenance, or occasional repairs, an Easefix engineer can assist you. Our professional gas engineers are all highly trained professionals who can resolve any gas or gas pipeline-related issues. If you need to hire the most qualified gas engineers for your needs, our rating system is foolproof.


Engineers specializing in gas work have the knowledge and skills necessary to resolve any problems with your gas or heating system. Pay attention to the criteria above when hiring a gas engineer. Remember that while hiring unskilled gas engineers may save money in the short term, it could cost more in the long run due to difficulties with the gas system and heating equipment. Hence properly trained heating or gas engineers with certified results should be consulted.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I find a reputable gas engineer? 

Easefix is your trusted local homeowner application where you can find a local registered gas engineer simply by locating your area.     

2. What is the hourly rate for a gas engineer in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, gas engineers charge an hourly rate of £75 for standard gas work.

3. Why do gas engineers demand such high fees?

Engineers demand high fees due to the extensive training and expertise involved and various risk factors when working with gas equipment.

4. Do gas engineers need to be registered with Gas Safe?

Yes, all the professionals working with gas and related appliances must be registered with the Gas Safe register.