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Local Shower Installers Suggests Best Maintenance Guide

Flora Butler

by Flora Butler

2022-07-09 06:38 AM

Showers are in trend today. And, if you have a large space with separate wet and dry areas, it is an added bonanza. Transform your boring bathroom with the most fashionable showers and cubicles today. But once you get the best fixtures and fittings installed, your responsibilities increase manifold. You can contact to get the best maintenance today. The Local Shower Installers, apart from installing the best fixtures and fittings in a seamless manner, can help you with maintenance.

Easefix is your one-shop-stop for all things related to fitting, installation, and maintenance as well. And why not? We can help you out. Now, experienced experts are at your service, so you can get the best fittings and fixtures without any fear. 

Shower Maintenance Guide You can connect with the Local Shower Installers, if there is some damage to your shower area, apart from normal wear and tear. Additionally, they can also suggest you the best maintenance guide. You should keep a checklist handy, and it should state all daily, weekly, monthly, and annual cleanliness and maintenance guidelines. Here are a few enlisted for your convenience. 

Daily Maintenance You should get the shower area cleaned on a regular basis. Moreover, you also need to keep track of mould and mildew. There will be water residue and build-up on the walls, tiles, and corners of the shower tray. Therefore, you should ensure to keep the area dry as much as possible. If you have a shower door or a hanging curtain, ensure to keep them pulled away to allow aeration. You can also run the exhaust on a regular basis. This will reduce the humidity to a huge extent. Weekly or Monthly Maintenance You should ensure to clean your shower area and tub cleaned on a regular basis as well. Spray a mild cleaning agent and leave it on. You can also use dilute acetic acid or vinegar for the same purpose.

Most of the fittings and fixtures are made from acrylic and are non-porous. So, there is less danger of them absorbing the fluids that you spray on them. Some older tub models and showers are difficult to clean as they have too many crevices and corners. So, you can ask our professionals to do it for you. 

Annual Maintenance If you have porcelain or ceramic tiles fitted inside the shower cubicle, you should get the grout sealed every year. A lot of debris gets stuck there. When you pour in cleaning agents, some of the material gets scraped off. It can loosen the tiles in the long run. Use a grout sealer to seal the spaces. Additionally, you can mix a concoction of baking soda and vinegar to remove all the limescale debris from faucets, hand showers, overhead showers, and drains. 

Conclusion If you are doing all of the above but still need some professional help, you should connect with The Local Shower Installers are adept at such jobs. You can check their reviews to finalize them. Book a survey and enquiry now at The most convenient solutions await you.