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EV Home Charger

Why Do You Need a Professional for EV Charger Installation?

Lee Anderson

by W Malik

2022-09-27 02:45 PM

Most people who own an electric car can install an electric vehicle charger at home. And there are many benefits to having a dedicated charging point for your EV. The first is that it’s faster than a standard three-prong connection and cost-effective now that government grants exist. While charging your electric car is straightforward, installing the EV charger is another process. Don’t fall for the DIY stuff for EV charger installation. There are valid reasons why you need a professional for EV charger installation. 

Why You Need a Professional Electric Charger Installer 

  • Safety
  • Location 
  • Avoid charger damage 
  • Prevent future issues
  • Full compliance
  • Get Help with the OLEV Grant


An electric car will add to the electrical load of your home or business. Therefore, you need a professional with electric vehicle equipment to check the existing power supply and ascertain that the current cabling can handle the EV and electrical load. If adding the electric car will overload your electric supply, a professional is best equipped to upgrade your power supply. In addition, they will need to inform the District Network Operator that they are installing an EV charging point in the area. 


You may underestimate the importance of location when installing an EV charger. However, it must be close to where you park since the chargers are usually 5 – 10 metres long. You can’t use an extension lead as it’s not permitted on electric vehicles, and you can’t have the cable running from the house to the street. A professional Wigan electrician will help you meet location requirements. 

Avoid Charger Damage

Electric vehicle chargers are expensive. The last thing you want is to ruin the one you have due to poor installation. Letting a professional do the job will give you peace of mind regarding proper EV charger installation. 

Prevent Future Issues

It can be frustrating to replace the charger down the line, or it needs repairs because of a DIY installation. Prevent avoidable future failures by having an accredited electrician install the electric car charger at home or your premises. 

Full Compliance 

You’ll need permission if the installation is: - Close to a highway - In a listed building - Over 1.6 metres high applicable to ground-mounted units - Over 0.2 m³ in volume, which applies to wall-mounted units.s A professional installer will ensure that you comply with these requirements. 

Get Help with the OLEV Grant 

You are legible for the OLEV grant for EV charger home installation, which could save you up to £500. EV installers are well aware of this arrangement and will help you apply for the grant and make the most of the funding. 

Wrapping Up

 You sure could go ahead and install an electric vehicle charger by yourself. But the benefits of hiring a professional are greater than those of DIY installation. Don’t miss out on safety, compliance, and value. Goton and choose accredited electric vehicle charger installers near you.