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7 Common Styles and Types of Roofs – Easefix

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by W Malik

2022-10-22 10:05 AM

Everybody needs a roof above their head. It is necessary for human survival. The good news is you can choose what type and style of roof you want, giving you that feeling of satisfaction and protection you need. gives us an insight into common roof styles and types. ### The 7 Common Types of Roofs ![skylight window.webp]( Gable roofs Hip roofs Flat roofs Mansard roofs Clerestory roofs Combination roofs Dormer roofs #### Gable Roofs This roof style has two sloping sides meeting to form a ridge. It is identified easily by the triangular shape formed at both ends. There are several types of gable roofs, including box, front and cross gable roofs, depending on how they are styled. #### Hip Roofs The Hip roof style has each side sloping downwards to the walls and has no vertical side like the gable roof. A hip roof can brace high winds or heavy snow, and it also improves a home's curb appeal. #### Flat Roofs As the name suggests, these are roofs placed flat above the building with a slope reaching approximately 10 degrees. Flat roofs are quick to install and easy to maintain. Additionally, they provide more energy savings, hence are better long-term. #### Mansard Roof The Oxford dictionary defines this as a roof that has four sloping sides, and each becomes steeper halfway down. It is also referred to as the French roof. The lower, steeper part of the roof commonly has dormer windows. The roof’s upper slope may not be visible from the ground if viewed closer to the building. A Mansard roof's advantages include a high aesthetic value and extra attic room. However, they are costly to install and maintain. Plus, it can be tough to get a permit. #### Clerestory Roof A Clerestory roof has two sloping sides and a vertical wall with a row of windows. This roof allows maximum natural light to get into the building while maintaining privacy. #### Combination Roof A combination roof is a style with a combination of different roof types and designs. For example, a house can have a hip roof combined with a gable with a clerestory or flat roof on different parts of the house. You will get to combine the features you like and create a unique roof with a combination roof. #### Dormer A dormer is where a vertical window projects through a sloping roof. This feature increases space in the loft and window openings, allowing light to get in. Furthermore, dormer roofs add a house's curb appeal. ### Common Roof Types ![roof leadwork.webp]( #### Ceramic Tiles Also known as clay roof tiles, these are flat or curved-shaped tiles overlapping when placed on a roof. They are made using clay which allows for any shape to be formed according to how it is found desirable. This roofing type is also quite expensive. #### Asphalt Shingles With a lifestyle of 10 to 30 years, these are the most common roofing types you see on houses today. This roof type is made out of asphalt shingles and asphalt components. There are 3 types of asphalt shingles: dimensional, luxury, and 3-tub. #### Slate Roofs These stone slabs are made of slate and used as roofing tiles. Slates are completely fire-resistant, efficient, and durable, with a lifespan of up to 100 years. #### Cedar Shakes Cedar shakes are a roof system made out of natural wood. This roof can last for up to 30 years if properly maintained, and it is also aesthetically pleasing to see. The shingles are made out of cedar trees, which are naturally insulating. #### Rubber Slates These tiles are produced from strong and flexible materials entailing recycled rubber or plastic. Rubber slates are resistant to any weather damage. They are also eco-friendly since the recycled tires will not be burned, creating toxic smoke in the environment. #### Solar Tiles These are solar panels designed in the same way as roofing material while at the same time producing power. Their wide-sized area allows more sunlight to hit them, thus producing more electricity. #### Metal Roofing ![metal roof.webp]( Metal roofing is another common roofing type in many homes across the UK. It is a roof made from metallic material consisting of steel, aluminium, copper, or steel and can appear in many designs. It is best for flat roofs or roofs with little to no slope. Many people choose it because it is eco-friendly, long-lasting, and cost-effective. #### Conclusion Roofing is a vital housing aspect since it makes the house more desirable. You'll get more satisfaction with different roofing styles since you have a wide variety to choose from. Knowing the types of roofs is also important to pick the best that will last longer and give you your money's worth.