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Electrician and Electrical Services

Lee Anderson

by W Malik

2022-09-29 05:28 PM

Electrical work is considered fickle and dangerous. While most of us like to lean on DIY for creaky hinges and blocked drains, electrical work is something you should leave to the professionals. Left in untrained hands, you could be asking for a disaster. So, why not save yourself the trouble by hiring a qualified and certified EaseFix electrician? If you're not looking to wire a plug or fit a new dimmer switch, you'll be thankful to seek the help of an electrician. 

Why You Need to Hire A Qualified Electrician

electrician repairing electric panel
  1. Electrical work can be dangerous 
  2. Electricians have the training and experience 
  3. Electricians have the right tools and equipment 
  4. It gives you peace of mind 
  5. No Worries About Compliance

Electrical Work Can Be Dangerous 

Electrical work is murky and can be deadly if not done correctly. The last thing you want is to risk electrocution, burns, or falling off a ladder. Did you know that your home's service panel carries around 200 amps? This is enough power to send you to an early grave. And the bad thing is that you can't see electricity because even though it wears a scary label, you only see it after the fact. 

Electricians Have the Training And Experience 

There's no question that an electrician knows what you don't know. Even if home remodelers and improvement stores are screaming "Do It Yourself," what you don't know can be disastrous. To this end, hiring a certified electrician means tapping into their knowledge of safely and adequately performing electrical work. Hence, you're not getting the bare minimum and inviting trouble down the road. 

Electricians Have the Right Tools and Equipment

electric tools for fault finding

Electricians bring the proper tools to complete a job efficiently. It's not just about getting the job done; it's about completing the task by applying the best technique and using the correct equipment to do it safely. 

It Gives You Peace of Mind 

The possibility of starting an electrical fire looms over your head if you're an inexperienced tinkerer. However, when you hire an electrician at an Affordable price then you will be at peace knowing your home and your loved ones are not at risk.

No Worries About Compliance 

You could be breaking the law by undertaking your electrical work. Electrical jobs must comply with Part P building controls and BS7671 wiring regulations. A qualified electrician provides automatically compliant work. 

10 Types of Electricians

line electrician

You may be familiar with what electricians do, but are you aware of the different specialties that exist in the electrical world? There are different types of electricians, as you'll see next. 

  • Outside Lineman 
  • Inside Wireman 
  • Apprentice electrician 
  • Journeyman electrician 
  • Master Electrician 
  • Installation electrician 
  • Residential electrician 
  • Commercial electrician 
  • Industrial electrician 
  • Maintenance electrician 

Outside Lineman 

A line electrician works outdoors installing utility transmissions and high-voltage distribution systems. They can manage high-voltage lines across residential, industrial, and commercial properties. 

Inside Wireman 

These are on-premise workers that perform electrical wiring and distribution. They can connect any electrical equipment to the power source. When you want a light fixture or electrical outlet installed, an inside wireman will come to the door. 

Apprentice Electrician 

An apprentice is simply a trainee electrician working under a supervisor to receive hands-on experience. 

Journeyman Electrician 

This electrician can take on simple electrical jobs that do not need supervision. 

Master Electrician 

A master electrician is highly trained to handle industrial and commercial facilities' most complex electrical projects. 

Installation electrician 

These electrical workers can install low-voltage cabling for voice, data, or video outlets. They are also responsible for handling air conditioning and heating systems in homes where the systems are not installed. 

Residential Electrician 

A residential electrician is similar to a wireman since they connect electrical equipment to the power source. Moreover, they also maintain electrical systems and perform different kinds of residential installations like heating, cooling, and lighting. In addition, residential electricians can be independent workers or under an electrical contractor. 

Commercial Electrician 

A commercial electrician performs similar duties to the residential electrician, only that they do it in commercial buildings. 

Industrial Electrician 

Industrial electricians work on large-scale projects. They install and repair electrical equipment within factories, power plants, processing plants, and mines.

Maintenance Electrician 

Maintenance electricians are vital in the electrical industry as they maintain, repair, and upgrade existing electrical equipment. They also test, troubleshoot, and diagnose problems with equipment. 

What do Local Electricians and Electrical Contractors Do?

electrician repairing fuse

Now that you're familiar with the different types of electricians, it's good to know the kind of services that a trained electrical technician provides. 

  1. Maintenance 
  2. Installation of lighting systems 
  3. Installation of ceiling fans 
  4. Installation of door entry systems 
  5. Adding underfloor heating
  6. Childproofing 
  7. Rewiring 
  8. Backup power and generator installation 
  9. Electrical panel upgrades 
  10. Inspections 
  11. Electrical emergencies 

1. Maintenance 

An electrician can inspect any electrical system or appliance and provide proper maintenance. They can diagnose problems quickly and figure out how to fix them quickly. 

2. Installation and Repair of Lighting Systems

If you need a lighting system for your home, you must hire an electrician to have it wired correctly. A light fixture can transform a room. But a lot can go awry, from a non-performing fixture to wiring shorts, damage to the system, and even electrical fires. Don't cut corners; hire an EaseFix electrician for fast and affordable professional installation

3. Installation of Ceiling Fans 

Here's another seemingly easy task that can go wrong. Nonetheless, an electrician can have ceiling fans going with minimal fuss. 

4. Installation of Door Entry Systems

electric door entry system

Door entry systems are no longer plain and simple. Modern technology has made them harder to crack thus, complicated to install. Here's where a trained electrician comes in since they will provide expert help installing a foolproof door entry system. 

5. Adding Underfloor Heating 

A professional electrician must lay wiring under the floor when adding radiant heat to your home or office. 

6. Childproofing 

We need to prevent small hands from prying into sockets. An electrician can help you find the best solutions for your electrical plugs and sockets around the home. 

7. Rewiring 

The wiring in your home or building needs to be in impeccable condition. If you notice an outlet sizzling or buzzing, it's a sign that the outlet is overloaded. Other signs of an overloaded outlet include: 

  • Breakers trip often 
  • Hot switch plates, plugs, and cords 
  • Flickering and dim lights 
  • The outlet sparks when you plug in a cord 
  • Small shocks as you plug in a cord 

8. Backup Power and Generator Installation 

Having a generator kick in after the power goes out is incredibly convenient. Ensure you never stay without power by hiring an electrician to install backup power and a generator. 

9. Electrical Panel Upgrades 

The electrical panel is the point of power distribution from the power company. When the number of appliances, devices, and electronics increases, you must upgrade the electrical panel. When you hire a certified electrician, they upgrade your electrical panel in compliance with codes and regulations. 

10. Inspections

An electrician can check that your home and property comply with existing electrical regulations. If you're not, they will make the necessary changes following electrical guidelines. 

11. Electrical Emergencies 

From damaged switches to water leaking through fixtures or the smell of burning, you can have an electrician at your door to diagnose and repair the issue quickly. These are just some of the services you can expect from an electrician. The list goes on, as there are numerous repair, maintenance, and installation services you can have an electrician perform. 

How to Hire a Professional Electrician 

The simplest way to hire a professional electrician is by researching online or using an app like Easefix’s electrician's service page and browsing through vetted and reviewed electricians. You can rest assured that anyone you find here is qualified to meet your electrical needs. Request licensed and insured electricians to perform repairs and install appliances, and you'll receive fast, high-quality service safe from electrical hazards. 


Finding a qualified and certified electrician near you is now easier than ever. An Electrician is just a few clicks away. And hey, now you know why to hire one, what electricians do, and their services. Therefore, don't go through tons of tutorials and DIY YouTube videos trying to install an electrical outlet. A licensed electrician will be just a click away.